Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Blue Zone, Lima

Lima has a number of areas easily spotted because of the predominant colour scheme of the buildings. One of the rougher areas of town, the Cerro San Christobal, is seemingly pink. The area we see below is a little brighter. It has a multitude of music and musical instrument shops. Nice area. I bang the drum for the place.

This is in the centre of Lima, though that covers a lot of ground. I couldn't say that asking for the Blue Zone will get you any help, but it's how I know things. I live closer to the Yellow Zone.

This is not Hollywood or Las Vegas or New York or Miami but it does have its own version of CSI, Lima. 

For those who want a quiet place to sit and contemplate, there is a church inside the area, around some corners from the main round-about where one finds the buildings above. Note that the church, like so many places in Lima and Peru generally, is only partly painted. Still, it's a nice place to visit on a sunny late November day in the warmth of summer here. 

Mostly blue suits me fine. Lima is lovely this time of year.

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