Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Those who can, do....

This is a must see video, I think. [Thanks to cgw.] It's one of those examples of "can-do."


Followed by a comment from someone who "knows."

An Alaskan Native

She is not “normal”. She may embody a lot of what is fractious, dumb, ignorant, racist, lazy, greedy, vicious and hypocritical with a capital H in this country. She has fooled many of the people who are “just like her”. What planet did you drop in from? She is not “ordinary” like you or me, unless you embody those adjectives listed above. She is not hated for being a small town “good” American. She is as far from good as the earth is to infinity in space. You need to take off your blinders and join reality. BTW: america is no conglomeration of good ole “ordinary” people in small towns. This country has the highest rate of psychopath’s in the world. Do your research! Its social ills reek with bureaucratic quadruples of agencies to deal with those social ills. It is founded upon racism and rabid religiosity that condemns any not of its ilk. Did you forget your own history? Burning witches! Hanging blacks well into the 20th century. Stealing them from their own continent and making them slaves! Not to mention this country’s original THEFT and the criminal Genocide of millions of “American” Indians. The land is still stolen and the Indians are still on reservations where conditions exist that you obviously know nothing about in your cozy little surreal world. Why do you have so many homeless in this land of plenty!? Why are drugs destroying the fabric of your families and has created corrupted agencies within your government to deal with your massive massive drug problems!? I ask again what planet did you arrive from!? One sarah palin has divided this already divided country even more with her hysterical rantings on patriotism, military, and her effing hypocritical so called christianity(when did anyone see her going to church lately except to be prayed over by a “witch doctor”(self described) from Africa!! You obviously have your head buried in a bucket of mud. She is ZILTCH in “america’s” ALASKA. Get a grip. There is so much badness in that woman who calls herself a human than you will ever be able to comprehend. SELF SELF SELF AND MORE SELF IS WHAT SHE IS ABOUT. You are nothing to her but someone to step on/over on her way to NARCISSISTIC GRANDIOSE SELF GRATIFICATION, POWER AND CONTROL. Welcome to her world you fool.


(Up-date): Look at this link to see the difference between a careful thinker who does his homework and the hysteric above. The link is to a c. 20,000 word critique of Rick Perry. It is the difference between sanity and insanity. Well worth the effort and time to see clearly just how good some work is and how sickening it has to be insane. http://peskytruth.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/rick-perrys-negatives/

That's how one should critique a political figure. Fine work.

Power and control? Let's turn once more to a video from cgw to see power and control:


Those who can, do. Those who can't, screech.


Anonymous said...

I know someone who knows her personally (lives in the same town) who thinks she's absolutely wonderful. Of course, he did see her going to church . . . maybe that's why!

Anonymous said...

BTW, let's compare and contrast our historical record of "atrocities" with the mohammedans. Sorry, they win in the "psychopathic" category hands-down, especially up until present-day.

Dag said...

I only know Sarah Palin as a type of person, and that type of person is someone I respect and admire. I like her, and those like her. Those who hate her, well, see above for that kind of person. Who would want to spend two seconds with a lunatic filled with second-hand hate? Give me Palin, or give me... a long time in Peru.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Rick Santorum on Hannity last night and was impressed, especially with his awareness of the islamic menace. I think that he may prove to be a viable alternative to Palin in the event that she does not run.

Dag said...

I'm about willing to go for Perry even though he's uninformed and unconcerned about Islam. It's going to be impossible for Palin, a half-term governor, to run against him, a three term governor, Alaska vs. Texas, and a well-established man against a woman so many people hate. This is a shame, but it's the world we live in. I would vote for Perry more or less under protest because of his idiot vision of Islam, but I would be happy enough with him were he to run with Bachman as veep, she having a good understanding that might come to the fore in the administration. But the odds are poor that we could have two Christians in the game on our side. More than likely, Perry will pick McCain or the corpse of Nelson Rockefeller to run with him to give the ticket "balance." Still, it will be better than that fool Romney. I'd sit it out rather than have him in the running on our side. So, if not Palin and Allen West, then anyone but Romney.