Friday, August 19, 2011

The Muslim perspective on S. Israel attack

From those lovely people who brought you the Beslan Murders, it's Kazkav on the Jooos.

Courageous Mujahideen armed with heavy weapons and explosives have terminated seven illegal criminal jews and wounded dozens in a series of attacks in jew-occupied Palestine, according to reports by jews who always diminish their their real fatalities and casualties under their brutal Zio censorship.

The attacks began around midday on Thursday and lasted for about three hours, news agencies reported.

The Zio thugs claimed martyring several Mujahideen fighters in a gunbattle. The jews always lie, exaggerating the number of their martyred enemies.

The attacks, which came close together in time and location, appeared coordinated, and represented one of the boldest strikes in years against the illegal jew entity in single and indivisible Palestine.

The series of the attacks began when the Mujahideen targeted a packed jew terrorist bus driving along a highway roughly 20km north of the Red Sea Palestinian town of Umm Rashrash.

Reports said most of the passengers on the bus were jew terrorists, so-called "soldiers", on their way home from their respective terrorist bases for the weekend.

The next attack came about half an hour later, when the glorious Mujahideen opened fire on a private illegal jew car several miles away, the Associated Press reported.

Jew radio said a vehicle had followed the Zio terrorist bus, and two to three Mujahideen got out and opened fire with automatic weapons.

The attackers fired mortars and an anti-tank missile, the enemy radio continued.

After that, an explosive device was detonated under the vehicle of a terrorist jew "military patrol" called to the scene, and a private illegal jew car was also attacked.

Frightened jew gang leaders convened in emergency session at their den called "defense ministry" in in jew-occupied Palestinian town of Tall Abib Yafa.

The cowardly jews said a "large number'' of the Mujahideen were working in multiple squads, but it gave no specifics, according to AP.

Ahmad Yousef, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza, denied the group's responsibility for the Umm Rashrash attacks, though he said Hamas "praises the attack since it attacked enemy soldiers and came in the right time while the illegal Zio entity is attacking Gaza almost every day".

"Since the whole political process is frozen, military escalation is the logical development," Mr. Yousef replied to the threats of jew thugs against Gaza.

Jew-occupied Umm Rashrash, is "a tactical choice for attacks because the resistance groups look for suitable places and times for their attacks," he told Al Jazeera, on why south-eastern Palestine may have been the target.

Source: Agencies

Kavkaz Center

I don't think that needs further comment from me.


Anonymous said...

God, how I hate f*cking mohammedans. Long Live Israel and the Zionists, who will put these vermin in their place once and for all!

Note that there are no reports of the retaliatory airstrikes by Israel in Gaza. The sons of bitches mohammedans will pay.


Dag said...

There's some sound and fury now from the Israelis, but it's not much, really. They don't to fight, they don't want the trouble.

It's easy for leftards in L.A. or NYC or K.C. or wherever to sit at bistros and pose about how cosmopolitan they are and how sympathetic they are to "oppressed" Muslims, but they don't face the reality of jihad, not on the daily basis Israelis do, and even on the one day the leftards do face it, they can get through the day and then be cool by finding some idiot conspiracy theory to set themselves apart from the "sheeple" or what have you. This is mostly a game for low-level pseudo-intellectuals and outright morons. What we see above is the real thing. The Left is living in an evil phantasy. The Israelis have to live with the phantasists, dealing with the reality that Osama Barka is in a position of strength and the Israelis depend on him to a deep degree. It's ugly, but it's real.

This would all change if the American people gave up this fad of "intelligence." Most of them have no idea they follow the demands of the German Revolution. Most, I'm sure, have never even heard of such a thing and wouldn't understand it if they encountered it, which they might do as soon as some of my books come out.

Meanwhile, some of us know some things, and we deal with it on a daily basis.