Saturday, August 13, 2011

Most Intelligent Left Intellectual in the Universe Tells Us Why London Riots

I once met the second-smartest man in the world, he sitting next to me on a plane, saying in response to each and every of my most brilliant points about all things of import, "Uh huh." "Yup." "I see." Ha, the man knew that I was right, and he agreed with me on everything, making him the second smartest man on Earth. But now I feel challenged and somewhat insecure. I think I have met the world's smartest guy, one who finds Anthony Burgess interesting to speak with, knowing him in New York, not on some plane somewhere. I'm spooked. It could well be this guy is so smart that he's the premier genius of the whole universe. He seems convinced, and I leave it to you to decide if he's right. Mind, it seems certain he'll tell you if you make the wrong choice.

In response to this, which I thought was clever and insightful, we have the genius.

Gautam Malkani, "Britain burns the colour of A Clockwork Orange," Financial August 12, 2011

htuoh | August 13. 9:07am

I am afraid you did not understand the book, nor read any other of Mr. Burgess' work, such as "The Wanting Seed."

I doubt you can be instructed, so I will not bother. Waste of breath calming a reactionary. Ask Obama--now.

For others reading, the main character in Clockwork is only 14, and largely a canvas painted by a cruel, stupid, sadistic and (viz. this exhortation against "those" criminals) authoritarian culture.

Not sadistic? Purple rain, application of homelessness, mass harvesting of pension savings by the rich, etc. Deprivation and infliction are key enjoyments of "nobility" or 'Bushes." A family that, by the way, made their early New England fortunes in the slave trade. Talk about enjoyment of cruelty.

What about those sadistic youth?--I can hear the response now. And I refer to my earlier statement that debate with a reactionary is a waste of breath.

Burgess' desolate point, that. Like the icecaps of intelligence melting, you will not do other than react angrily and feed the sterility coming.

Knew Burgess in New York. Very enjoyable to converse with.

Yeah, the melting icecaps of intelligence feeding the coming sterility and Bush's family getting rich in the 18th Century slave trade. Now, why didn't I think of that?


Anonymous said...

For such a genius, he finished his last sentence with a dangling preposition.

Dag said...

He's misunderstood. We're not worth his time to explain it. We're all too stupid for him. We should just ask Obama-- now. That's what geniuses do, it seems.

"How shall we fuck off, Master?"