Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Left goes completely stupid driven by its hatreds

Why we calls 'em "leftards."

Fjordman is no longer anonymus, but is Anders Behring Breivik who is seem responsible for the Oslo bombing and has committed the Utøya murders of 22nd July 2011. In this hindsight the content of this page should be seriously reconsidered. Below is the original Wikipedia text from before this tragic event.

Update: the paragraph above, which was at the top of the wikipedia entry, is gone, mere moments after I posted it here.


Trencherbone said...

The Muslims and dhimmis will use this tragedy to attempt to shut down all criticism of Islam by equating the Orwellian thoughtcrime of 'Islamophobia' with active support for 'right-wing' terrorism.

So while the subject of Islamic terrorism will remain deliberately muddied by leftwing moral equvalence for some time to come, we counterjihadists need to increase our emphasis on all the the other evil and destructive effects of Islam on our cultures, as described in this comprehensive list of resources.

Dag said...

The leftards do not care one whit about the individuals involved in this event. They care only about the political mileage they can gain from it. They are so evil that there is no alternative to struggling against them till they are completely obliterated politically. That's never going to happen, so it means we have an eternal struggle to perform.

Good to see you here.


CGW said...

Excellent index, Trencherbone.