Sunday, June 12, 2011

Looking Like Death in Dearborn

Terry Jones, Qur'an burner and guy who just will not stop, is planning a march on Dearborn, Michigan's Muslim heart of darkness, the so-called Arab Festival, which is not about Arabs but about Muslims. Jones is expecting some trouble when, on 17 June he and some of his followers make the march. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll watch them die. Ladies and gentlemen, it'll be the greatest show on earth. Or something.

Jones et al have a plan. It is this:

We are petitioning the United States Government with a Fivefold Plan to Save America and Create a Better World:

1. To demand Freedom of Speech, Civil and Human Rights from all Muslim / Koran governed countries or their immediate removal from the U.N.

2. The immediate halting of all Muslim immigration and the removal of all illegal aliens from the United States.

3. Monitoring of all mosques to assure that they are places of worship and not of Islamic propaganda.

4. Positions of authority and decision making in US embassies in Islamic countries to be held by non-Muslims.

5. The nationwide banning of sharia in the United States.

After our Rally we will be marching down to the Arab Festival where we will be entering the Arab Festival and speaking at their Free Speech Zone.

It has come to our attention that a counter protest is planned and there is expected to be thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people opposing our rally. We are requesting that the National Guard be called out to preserve our First Amendment Rights which allows us to peaceably assemble. This right should not only apply to us but also to the counter protesters.

Because of the amount of counter protesters expected and their extreme agenda we feel that it will be necessary to have the National Guard there in order to preserve our First Amendment Rights.





"Stand Up America Now! at 2011 Arab Fest"


CGW said...

I'll be following this closely. The man is absolutely fearless, whether or not you think him foolish. I applaud his efforts.

Dag said...

I too stand back and admire the man for his courage and determination.

There are countless people who know more about Islam's evil and destructiveness, who are better organisers, more charismatic, just better at almost everything that Jones is trying to than Jones is. But Jones is out there doing what we could be doing so much better if we were doing anything at all. Jones does. Jones has my respect.

Dag said...

Jones did it. On his walk from City Hall to a Muslim festival he was harrassed by leftard hangers-on to the point the police put him in a car and got him off the site and somewhere else. He lives to do all of this, and probably more, next time.