Thursday, May 26, 2011

Muslim girls must fly

A Muslim girl left this comment here recently. I got to thinking about being young and how different it was then for the girls I knew, so unlike the life experience of a Muslim girl.

I’m an ex-Muslim 21 years old girl .. i studied Islamic laws and there is nothing like this in most of our books.. its only mentioned in the big books which are used by Sheiks “very religious people” ordinary people think that Islam is a peaceful religion and thats what’s they been taught!! and when they knew the truth or read something like this.. they disagree with it but afraid to tell .. because anyone who’s against what is right and proved in religion is an infidel and he shall DIE !! Muslims are victims for their own religion :’(

On the other hand there are sick people who are happy with these facts about their religion because it satisfies their sick needs and bloody imaginations.. and these people are only 5% from the 1.5 billion Muslims.. BUT THEY ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.. its not by number.. its by how crazy they are … SO from an EX_MUSLIM who still stuck in her Hijab and afraid to leave her Islamic country because she might get killed for the try .. WATCH OUT PEOPLE >> ISLAM=EVIL…

There's more to life than being married off to your 50 year old uncle just because your parents want to keep their money in the family and don't give a shit about you.

There is, in fact, life itself awaiting. It's a life without Mohammed, and it's a life without security as one might know it; but that is a life without suicide bombers and wife-beaters and boy-rapers and and haters. It's a life where a 21 year old girl can fall in love with a 21 year old boy who loves her. Imagine that.

For those Muslims girls who do break free, there is a whole world of men who will stand by and protect you, who will stand with your man who protects you. That's what men do in the real world. That's a world that can be a world for Muslim girls.

Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the song..
i posted two comments so far .,. but didn't appear, i hope this one will

Thank you for your wishes and hopes, and by myself i hope a beautiful day will come where all the people will be living in peace without any terror ..

Ex-Muslim Girl

Dag said...

I'm sorry that your comments didn't appear here. It sometimes happens that this medium loses things it shouldn't. I'm always happy to see you post here, and you are most welcome.

My best wishes for you and all peace-loving folk in the world.