Monday, April 25, 2011

Horror in Syria

Politics be damned. Obama is doing nothing while Syrians are being slaughtered on the streets. Where are the leftard scums who demonstrate for "peace" in the Middle East? They don't care about peace or Arabs or Muslims or much of anything but their own vanities, their own poses in front of friends at demonstrations, about looking cool and saying the right things to impress each other. I know parts of Syria fairly well, and I know some Syrians. I don't much like the place or the people, but I am sure as hell not going to stay silent while people are being indiscriminately murdered by the government. This is what Jew-hating leftards support:

Zabaltani (outskirts of Damascus):

This video was shot on Saturday April 23, 2011, in the Zabaltani area. Crowds are moving forward knowing full well they will be killed. As they chant “Eed Wahde!” (One hand, or all together), a heavy burst of fire erupts. Many duck or fall to the ground but many remain standing waving their hands as if welcoming death. An unbelievable sight. Then we see people dragging those up front and one lands next to the cameraman with his head open. This may have been caused by a direct shot to the face that exited the back causing this damage. Not for the faint of heart.

We want the American people, with this video, to understand what the unarmed young people of Syria demanding freedom are up against. We will never stop until we get our freedom. By sharing with you these horrors, Syrians are not asking for boots on the grounds, or even military action of any kind. But we are asking for your support to mobilize policy makers in the U.S. to condemn Assad and to put him, and his killers, up for trial in a court of international law for crimes against humanity.

Lifted from Pajamas Media. They have numerous videos and commentary. Keep this in mind next time some leftard tells you about genocide in Palestine. This is the real thing.


CGW said...

What do you suggest that we do? Save them now so they can kill us later?

I'm content for us to pull out of the middle east all together and let them handle it. Let them all slaughter each other if they're so inclined.

Dag said...

I would certainly suggest leaving the Libyans to their own devices, given that it's tribal warfare and nothing more in it for them than that. But Obama has gone into Libya for oil, and not oil for America but for Europe. Mr. Nobel Peace Prize is waging an illegal war for oil.

Meanwhile, where he could do some genuine humanitarian work, at least by gesture, he does nothing while young people are murdered by a fascist state. But kind of prize will he earn for that? He's a phony to the ground.

CGW said...

No matteer why we went in, OUT NOW.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about any of those craptastic muslim hell holes. They can stone each other to death forever.

I want OUR people out of that nightmare.

I want all immigration of muslims stopped. I want al that are not citizens deported. Citizens watched closely and put in interment camps if necessary.

Dag said...

Mostly we get something like what we work for. We don't always get what we want, but we usually get something. Wanting is good, it pushes us to work for what we want. We have built pyramids, as I have seen all over the world, and we have built cathedrals, too, which I have seen. But what we never get is perfection. And of the best we do, it always takes a long time to make it work. Nothing comes easy.