Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Creduleft (2)

Everything is terrible in the world today because America makes it so. America is a capitalist country, and because of that they not only destroy the environment of North America, they destroy the entire eco-sphere in a mindless and evil pursuit of profit for the greedy few who care not about anything other than mere money and power. The American government is evil in large part because it is run by the Jooos. Everything about America is evil, and the Jooos are the worst of it all. It's simple. Those who don't understand this are stupid like Sarah Palin. This is what we believe.

And now, for some corrective, is a wonderful piece on idiot nostalgia. I love this piece below, and I hope and expect that most here will feel at least as positively about it as I do.

Modernity is beautiful.

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