Friday, January 28, 2011

Thinking ahead

We meet each Thursday evening at the Vancouver Public Library in the atrium outside Blenz coffee bar from 7-9:00 p.m. and there we meet and greet our fellows interested in disputing jihad and what I term "Left dhimmi fascism." You are welcome to join us for a few hours of casual conversation and soft drinks in a friendly atmosphere. Hope to see you there.

If you do not live or do not come to Vancouver, Canada and can't make it to our meetings, consider organising such meetings in your own neighbourhood to meet your friends and fellows. One might look on this as a continuous weekly and perhaps smaller-scale Tea Party meeting. The point is well summed up by Wretchard at Belmont Club at the link below:

Hope to see you soon.

Dag Walker,

Vancouver, Canada.


CGW said...

How long has it been now? Any luck with attracting new people?

Maybe talking to a reporter to one of those local (read "free") periodicals found in restaurants, cafes and convenience stores could bring it more interested bodies.

Dag said...

Why didn't we have you thinking for us five years ago? Damn. I like it.

Publicising this kind of thing is hard for us, given that, like most people, we are private people rather than obsessed movie star types or ego-driven politicians, and it's hard to come to terms with the real needs of a scheme like this. I had hoped and assumed that "just folks" would find this appealing, and that because they are normal people they'd want to join in. I'm wrong on that. This does require a different approach.

Yes, we do have our visitors from around the world, and they are an impressive lot, to say the least, most of them high-achieving intellectuals. But I personally wanted something closer to Tea Parties. There is still time for those who remain here to make this better than it has been in public terms. For me, not so much time remains. Others will have to step up to lead this business. Much good depends on success. It depends all across the Modern world, too, not just in this city and among those of this group.

CGW said...

You STILL have some time to ACT so that history books may report this legacy. Don't run away too soon.

Dag said...

I follow the adage that without a revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary party. Unstated in that but essential is that without a revolutionary vanguard there can be no revolution. If there should be a revolution, then it it right to have all that such requires.

But why a revolution in the first place? It is most often a terrible thing for people to destroy their cultures and turn to some new, often if not mostly some utopian and crazed vision of the future as it "should be" according to a small group of elitist thinkers dealing from the deck of Gnostic vision, i.e. their own minds and the dreams they have that others should live with and be thankful for. Who the hell are these revolutionaries and what do their "theories" have to do with anything? What makes them so important that they should rule the world by the gun? We've seen throughout the 20th C. that such men stop at no crime against humanity to impose their visions on the masses, mass murder being a clear first choice when things go pear-shaped for the revolutionaries.

We can see the fallacy of Lenin's observation when we look at the Agricultural Revolution. There was no hunter-gatherer college with a clique of radical planters scheming to grow crops across Mesopotamia. Nor was there a secret society of watch-makers in the feudal commune plotting to create an industrial Leviathan in England's green and pleasant land. Some revolutions are organic and are only revolutions after the fact of having occurred. The American Revolution is somewhere in between. It happened almost by accident. If not for King George's idiocy and Thomas Paine's brilliant prose, there might have been some negotiated settlement of colonial issues, and America might have had a tepid history such as that of Scotland or Wales of latter times. But ideas from our Founding Fathers backed by blood and determination cemented our attitude that we can do, and that we will do in spite of all opposition. That first lesson made us determined to act of our own volition. And, we had a revolutionary theory, our Constitution. The rest, that was lacking. No Kapital explaining the inners working of the gods to man. We had Milton, not Marx.

We need more Milton. We need today a revolutionary understanding of ourselves and our purpose as free people, a new assessment of our freedom, a new "theory." Without it, I don't know that we will keep our Revolution from the counter-revolutionaries working to destroy us as we are.

thedailyrasp said...

Gee Dag, I would have hoped your meetings would be met with greater enthusiasm. I would like to do the same in my small town but have been very uncertain how it would go over.

Continued good luck to you and feel free to drop in at my blog.

Dag said...

I've been giving this some thought, and I know I could have done more to make our meetings popular and broadly based, but I left it to others to join of their own accord rather than aggressively roping them in, which in hindsight would have been better for all concerned.

As it stands now, I will soon be moving on, leaving this open to my colleagues who remain to do their best with this idea of building a movement of freedom at this grassroots level.

Anyone can do this, and probably better than I have done, but it takes great patience and endurance and rubber tyre- thick skin. I encourage you to give it a try.