Saturday, January 01, 2011


From the National Post we see "An Anatomy of Stoning. "


And lastly:


Ronbo said...

Hello Old Buddy:

Ronbo here.

I'm on a tour of the USA and expect to be in Seattle this summer, which isn't far from where you live.

Perhaps we could get together for a chat and cup of coffee?

This winter I'm enjoying the harsh Montana climate in Missoula. 14 F. this morning with snow and ice covering everything. I'm thinking about using my new snowshoes on the "M" trail east of town later today.

January 17th will mark four years since DTD went AWOL. I'm thinking about re-posting his art and commentary on my blog that date.

Have you heard from DTD? He said he would return.

Dag said...

I have searched for Derek's comments since I realised he had gone. He took his comments with him. If you have them, let me know.

Montana is real country. I'm from close to that. If you're in Seattle this summer, and if I'm still in Canada, then I'll go down there and we'll get together. Good to see that you're well.

Keep in touch.

My best,


Ronbo said...


I posted as much of DTD's art and comments on a new "The Study of Revenge" blog that I could find from the remains of his blog.

I don't know if he deleted the original "Study of Revenge," or if the Islamists got Google to do the job.

ANYHOW_ As I said before, I'm wintering over in Missoula. The U.S. Secret Service is still watching me - and ever so often an SS agent will pop up to ask to "talk" to me. This last happened on December 12th here in Missoula.

It would appear the Big Chiefs in D.C. don't like some of the controversial articles I post on my blog. I frequently feel like the American version of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

I wonder if get thrown out of the country by our secret police? This happened to Solzhenitsyn in 1974. If so, I hope they sent me to Canada.

I'll keep in touch, as the political situation down here is quite fluid. The USA could be in revolution by summer. Obama has started to rule by decree which means he has become a dictator. When this reality hits home to a majority of Americans, the sparks will fly.

Dag said...

Hey, hope things are well enough for you in Montana. You picked a cold place to winter. I remember the snow drifts covering whole houses, and roads impassable even with chains. But the Big Sky makes it worth the hardships, and the fishing was excellent, Flathead Lake being great for trout. The mountains are the best on earth, too, for sheep and goats and men to hike and live out on the land. Maybe still there's a chance to prospect and make a living.

But for me, I'm old now, or not a kid that I was back when these memories were fresh. Now I think to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, a place for ex-service men with some kind of pension to live in one of the many small villages around, to be at peace in the world, away from the hurly-burly of the State. To live an ex-pat life might mean the government wins, but life is too short to fight a losing battle against the Force that cannot lose. I'm moving from this place to Laos, maybe some time in the Spring if all goes well. I'll try to find a quiet place beside the Mekong River so I can type and breathe free.

Derek has gone away, I don't know where, because it was too much strain for him to continue. We might have to join him in our own ways in time, but we might also just go away to a freer place, some jungle land where freedom is for men who survive alone outside the system.

Hope it goes well for you, friend.

CGW said...

Perhaps he was murdered by the mohammedans for his work. No way of getting in touch with him?

Dag said...

Derek is well and safe, so far as I know, and is still thinking. He'll return sometime when we need him most, I am sure.