Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yo, prez-dude....

A late night television comedian refers to our president, to his face, as "Dude." That's "dooo-oood." No, I'm no fan of the vile weasel Obama, but I have some respect for our presidency, which must be why I'm not a comedian on late night t.v.

So, I phoned up Obama and asked him, "WTF?!"

"Hey, dude, it's Dag here."

"Yo, bro, I see you're hitting the links again. Eighteen youtubes in one day, man, is a full labour. Chill a bit."

Well, look, dude, I'm concerned about the nation and how things are going with us, like with you leading us. We're being creamed world-wide. You got a plan?

Yeah, man, it's cool. I was on the Daily Show. His ratings were way high, but mine are going to be just as good as his. I swapped teleprompters with Stewart. It' my "Domestic Policy."

How about foreign policy, dude?

Man, the golf courses in Kansas really suck, so I ain't got one.

Later, dude, I'm gonna catch a movie....



David Vance said...

lol, very good,

Dag said...

You dress like a man. Obama dresses like a man. Obama is a "dude." It is telling, sir.

My best to you and yours.


Dag Walker
Vancouver, Canada