Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yell "Fire!" in a crowded theatre

I ran into a friend this afternoon and he invited me to a movie. I looked at the poster and told him I'm not shelling out $2.75 for something like that. Uh, seems like I haven't been to the cinema for a while.

"An intense emotional roller-coaster ride of a movie...."

Huh? What is that? Either the good guys kills all the bad guys, blows up their stuff, and leaves everything burning at the end, or it's a dud. How much emotion does that require?

Me, I'm like keen on Clint, especially when he said, "I feel your pain, punk. I like it. I want you to have some more." Now, that's a movie. Kee-ryst! If I want emotion, I'll get a dog and call him Ingmar Berdog.


CGW said...

Seems like you and Mr. W would be perfect movie-going companions.

Dag said...

I'm sure we would like the same videos, but I doubt we'd ever feel inclined to sit together in a huge hall in the dark and watch others do things. More likely, we'd get together to pull a tree stump out of a field. Now, that is fun!

CGW said...

"Make his day . . ."

Dag said...

If we could get Florida's 22nd Congressional District candidate Lt. Col. Allen West in on this, that would be a day to remember.