Saturday, September 11, 2010

You are the Good

Two hundred years ago a tyrant bestrode the world, trampling nations and cultures and peoples, crushing them and destroying and killing on a massive scale unseen before in the world. If this Colossus had been a better man than Napoleon, perhaps we might not be so sickened by his works. But who other than a monster would act in such a way? What man of faith could walk on the earth and look down at a bleeding world beneath him and think, "This is the Good."

[From the studio of F. Goya, "Colossus" c. 1812]

Today we do not live in a world being smashed and ruined by a Colossus. Our world is hurt by a flea carrying Plague. This ghost of a flea is not Napoleonic, it is the ghost of Mohammed, the plague of Islam; the carrier rats: our own people.

[William Blake, "Ghost of a Flea" c. 1820]

The mental sickness that is Islam has ebbed and flowed for nearly 1,400 years in the world, and like the terrible disease it is, it warps and kills, not like a colossus on the rampage but like a plague that sickens the whole of the people and destroys them inside out. Ah, but this is to ignore its Colossus manifestations. There is that too, and too often. But today, in our world, Islam is a flea, poisonous and deadly and spreading with the help of rat-people. I refer, of course, to our own Left dhimmi fascists, our intelligentsia, our common fellow citizens who allow the spread of the disease of Islam and the rat-ruin of flagellants.

It is a time for cleansing.

[Hieronymus Bosch, "Hell" c. 1490]

September 11, 2010.

Trampling the world and destroying our enemies. What kind of men would do such a thing?

Men such as you, we might hope. Go forth, Colossus, and fear no one.


Always On Watch said...

Islam is a flea, poisonous and deadly and spreading with the help of rat-people.

Excellent analogy.

Bubonic plagues carriers don't even know that they're carriers.

The left knows, however, that they shill for Islam and do not care whom they infect. They somehow think they are immune from the effects of the plague they carry.

Dag said...

I see our own as the menace we face. Our own people act as if they are gods of the Moral, and that the rest of us belong in Hell. They act like this from a frenzy of hatred of people like themselves they must somehow rise above to think themselves interesting and valuable and good. They can only be anything in relation to those like themselves, and to rise, they must lower us. Too many people respond to this pseudo-religious haranguing from self-worshipping freaks. Too many take it to heart, feel ashamed of their good lives, are bullied into shame by petty, moralistic, hate-filled idiots who preen. It's long past time to fight back, by which I mean fight.

Leftists, of whom there are actually few in number, the rest who carry on as such being conformity hippies doing what's popular, just being fools following. The few, they must be stopped. I long for Colossus.

(My best wishes to the Always on Watch family.)

Pastorius said...

Great post.

Islam is our punishment for the sins the Left has decided we are guilty of.

Dag said...

I wonder if our people, i.e. Modernists living in market economies and republican democracies, really like living this way. I wonder if there a "call of the wild" in a sense, a call to a return to collectivism and a more natural state of social relations in which people are herded like animals by dogs, a life of "security" in a cold cosmos. I wonder, in short, if most people are actually hoping all the world of Modernity will somehow slowly fade away and people can again live in huts and shiver as they go hungry in the dark, feeling as they do so that all is right with the world, that order is restored.

H.L. Mencken, not a favourite among many to be sure, claims that people don't want freedom; they want security. What do we make of that in light of our daily realities?

thedailyrasp said...

The people now are taught to run to the government. Taught to escape freedom and to surrender.

Dag said...

I take a lot of my ideas about life from writers, (particularly) whom I really do not like at all, people who are not just wrong about things of the world and man but who are just wrong as people. In many ways, Eric Fromm is one of those people. His book, Escape from Freedom is one of those books I take many of my ideas from about the nature of things. It's not that he gets things right so much as that some of his ideas are as good as one will find anywhere. The ideas are good enough. And to me, they sometimes seem very good. One idea is that people often, and many people often, hate their own freedom, and that of others. They flee from it. To a great extent that observation informs this enormous book I'm nearly done writing. People want the security of a protective state. One must give up freedom for it. I live in Canada, and I've lived in other places more oppressive, and I know the allure and the danger. I at least make noises if nothing else, that freedom is The Good.

So, yes, I totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic art.

Dag said...

When I was a kid living in New Orleans I used to stop by an art gallery on the way home from work to look at the paintings and pictures on display. The owner took an interest in my interest and showed my things and explained a bit here and there, a generous thing to do given my lowly state in the world and unlikelihood of ever becoming an artist myself and certainly not one of his customers. He had a series of Goya drawings, "The Horrors of War," that I loved. I spent some time and learned much from the man, whose name I now forget, but I am thankful for the experience, which has left me with a life-long interest in Art History.

Not just books: I am a total Art junkie.

Glad you like the pics.