Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blog Note

I haven't posted anything here for a while because I'm still working on my book, A Genealogy of Left Dhimmi Fascism, and it's taking up much of my time each evening. The good news is that this work is in seven chapters, and I'm finishing the last of the seventh now. In a week or so I should have it done.

I must note that I write in long-hand on foolscap, that my scribbles are tiny and hard to read, and that I type none to well. I have roughly a thousand pages, therefore, to type and revise and edit till this manuscript is as good as I can make it. In order to have the time and the mental place to do all that I am considering a move to Laos. It's just like being in Canada: a country where I do things and sort of live. There I hope to have more time so I can finish this book and get it out properly in a reasonable time.

There is much to do in writing a book that isn't obvious to the reader at first glance. In my case, I must revise all that I write, and I often do so many times till I'm satisfied that I can't do better. Here I am often sloppy and hasty; my book should be a different kind of effort. Thus, as I put more effort into finishing this last chapter and consider how to compose the conclusion I haven't been blogging as much a I would otherwise have done in this especially interesting period. Please bear with me and I will pick up my pace and continue our conversations as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Dag. Vancouver, Canada.


Anonymous said...

Godspeed, my dear friend.

Dag said...

Thank you. I see that I am too slow with checking the "moderation" function here. Didn't mean that to happen. Too busy to look, I guess. Always happy to see you comment here.