Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Oicos: The Human Ecology

A handful of jihadis died trying to run an Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Dogs bark at the moon. Men recite poetry around the fire.

Shield against shield
keep the shield wall tight.
And the gift of death
they bring, let no man take.
In the hospitality of war
we left them their dead
as a gift for them to remember us by.

Archilochus. (C. 680 B.C. - C. 645 B.C.)


CGW said...

GOD BLESS ISRAEL, now and forever.

Dag said...

I climbed Mount Olympus once and there I met a couple of Israeli commandos on vacation. They were both different personalities, and extremely so, but both were deeply Israeli, something I don't know how to articulate. They were excellent guys, men I would love to have climbed with if we'd met at the bottom. As it was, I met them at the top. They were friends, and I was a guy they met and had lunch with for a short time.