Friday, June 04, 2010

Gaza Relief: Flat chicks for tiny guys

Ever ready to provide far more information than the average person wants to deal with, here I will give just a short bit of detail on flat boats, one of them being the Rachel Corrie, destination, supposedly at Gaza today or tomorrow.

What are some interesting facts about flatboats?

1. flatboats can hold up to 20 people, and 2. they were taken apart for lumber when they reached their destination.

wiki answers.

Even better, flat folks like Rachel Corrie can easily be stacked on deck or in the hold, laid flat or vertical. The best thing about a shipment of Rachel Corries to Gaza is that guys with really tiny dicks will impress the hell out of women like Rachel Corrie, given that she's about an inch thick.


truepeers said...

We need to get you out of sick bay!

Dag said...

I'm getting some comments about Rachel Corrie that I'll slip in here just because.

Funny that Rachel Corrie's first encounter with a caterpillar ended up with a lengthy encounter with worms. I can only hope, as a sympathetic and decent man, that they were flatworms.

You know how sensitive girls can be, and that if she knew she'd be laughed at for dying like she did, she'd have been crushed. So, let's not say anything that might be considered inconsiderate of her feelings. I know I felt so badly for her parents that I didn't send a condolence letter: They might have thought she was inside it.


Israel is sending the S.S. Caterpillar to intercept (or would that be cover?) the Rachel Corrie.

My apologies for misspelling her name as Rachel Corrie as Rachel Quarry. The girl never complains. She's a rock.

Dag said...

Yes, I am sick with a cold, and I don't doubt it affects my judgement. Thanks for the notice.