Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joke with mate ends in suicide in Manchester, UK

People are living in terror in Britain these days, some so terrified of the p.c. Mind-Police that they kill themselves. An election looms in Britain, for what it's worth. Half the eligible voters are likely to stay home because there is no political solution within the democratic frame-work of the nation as it is today. For many, there is only fear of the State and its minions. There is suicide.

A medical technician killed himself after being suspended from work after someone complained that he made a politically-incorrect joke about a black friend.

Roy Amor, 61, who was devastated at the prospect of losing his job making prosthetics, shot himself in the head outside his house.

He was facing a disciplinary investigation after suggesting to the black colleague that he ‘better hide’ when they noticed immigration officers outside their clinic.

It is understood that the man was a close friend of Mr Amor and was not offended. However, it was overheard by someone else who lodged a formal complaint.

Five days after his suspension, Mr Amor received an email about the incident from his employers, Opcare, a private company that provides prosthetic and orthotic services to the NHS.

A few hours later police found his body in the road outside his home near Bolton, Lancashire, after being alerted by a neighbour.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1265065/Man-kills-row-work-non-PC-joke.html#ixzz0l1T8MJlh

Yes, there is resistance; but let's face it, most people would rather die than make a fuss or be seen as trouble makers. People are naturally decent, which is how dictators and madmen become powerful. Normal and decent folks are afraid to make a fuss.

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