Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guess whose not coming to dinner?

Obama is off my dinner list. Look, if the man is going to treat heads of state and others of public import like shit, how would he treat me if I had him and his wife for dinner? If he thought of treating me like Canada's prime minister,

He'd find himself treated like the Dalai Lama,
Or he might find himself having a hard time with the finger food.

No dinner for you, Obama, bendy-straw man.


truepeers said...

heh, looks like Obama is inventing the new fascist-nihilist salute. Just imagine the crowds pointing fingers and shouting "Heil not you!" Has anyone considered that maybe he bows because no one is really worthy to look in his eyes, unless he needs to give them a dressing down by showing them how angry his eyes are? Feel the emotion, man...

Dag said...

The beauty of democracy and our free nations is that we can choose to be any kind of person we would like to be, whether we can succeed or not, and we can also change our minds about that and try something else if we like. We can decide to be rich or poor, Republican or Democrat, happy or mean, and so on. We can choose, for the most part, our "identity." Obama, with advantages most of us have never dreamed of having, can't get even with great effort, chooses to me a nasty prick because it suits him. He must like it. He could have chosen to be the happiest guy in the world, and people would have loved him for it. But he chooses "angry man" persona because, I think, he's both stupid and empty. He's a cartoon. He isn't a developed being at all. He's a caricature of a man. He ain't coming here for dinner no matter what kind of wine he promises to bring.