Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Wrath of God

The Cause is alienation. The Cause is not "a cause" but "because." Terror is comedy.

The sadism of the intellectual is comedy per se, and all else is an alienation that vitiates. Over-laying the comedy with a veneer of the tragic is alienating of the Truth and Beauty of the drama of Life. It is what it is, and to play a role as if, that is to mar the Art.

Cruelty as Art is as esse. Cruelty is. For the intellectual, cruelty is theatre, high and refined, public, and intensely self-aware. Theatre of Terror is for the intellectual a matter of acute reciprocity, a matter of acute acknowledgement of the other and acknowledgement of other's awareness of self and others. It's all in the intensity of the awareness of all players' in the act that makes it special and True, and Beautiful.

That all know and know of the knowledge of all knowing, that is the Art of this comedy.

No hiding: that one knows the depths of ones knowledge of Cruelty; that others know of the knowledge of it and of their terror; that all know of the purpose of the act as comedy; that this comedy be public.

Here it is, then, plain as I can make it.

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