Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jihad: I want to paint it black.

I'll go to my grave with images of the World Trade Center towers exploding and burning and billowing, people jumping to their deaths, the buildings themselves collapsing into burning ruin. I'll go to my death thinking about those people murdered. I'll go to my death laughing if I see those responsible for such a monstrous mayhem paid back a bit. And I'll be collapsing from laughter unto death if I can help the scene a little myself, grinding a bit of jihadi-world to dirty dust, the bastards. When I see Islam in its manifold evil I get sick that I ain't destroying it on the spot, a black spot on the muddy ground. When I see a mosque door, I want to paint it black.

Black as death.

I want to paint it black.

Folks like me? Ya see, we got a sense of humour. Muslims painted it black.

How about a magic trick?

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Pastorius said...

Great video.