Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In-Joke of the Year

Charles Johnson and the Little Green Lizards.
A telling definition of "Chuck Johnson" from Urban Dictionary.

Chuck Johnson

Verb: Related to Godwin's law and Godwinisms. To "Chuck Johnsons" is to label a person, group, or philosophy with the reductio ad Hitlerum tag as means to close down debate.

Chuck: Transitive verb, meaning to: a) toss, throw. Noun: Short for Charles

Johnson: Refers to the owner of the news aggregating, formally conservative, anti-jihad site and now anti-creationism pro-Darwin website, Little Green Footballs. Which has become synonymous with personality cults, blogtatorship, and calling previous colleagues and acquaintances of long and respected standing, fascists, Nazis, Racists, or ID'er (derogatory term for a belief in creationism. For simply having web links or opinions on their own personal web pages which he/CJ disapproves of.

To "Chuck a Johnson" can also be used to describe over use of the delete/banning function on web forums to those who hold contrary opinions.

Charles Johnson biggest censorship ass-hat 2008.

[As seen at:]

1) Person A. calls person B. a fascist on the basis of flimsy evidence or hearsay derived from an individual with known antagonistic political view points or malicious agenda.

Person B. replies: "Don't chuck Johnsons at me."

Or points out to fellow bloggers/posters that: "A. is chucking Johnstons," and in effect has evoked Godwin's law, thus destroying the thread and any chance at meaningful debate.

2) Blog owner deletes and bans regular posters/contributers for disagreeing with his pet hates or hypocritical changes in ideological position.

Person A: "Look he is chucking Johnson's everywhere."
Person B: "I know, I don't recognize the place now so many people have been banned. And the threads are so full of deletions it's impossible to follow the argument; he/she sure threw a lot of (Chuck) Johnsons."

by Stinky-Winky on Feb 24, 2009

Thanks to various commentators at Jihad Watch for the photo and the copy above.


Roundhead said...

hello -

you are entitled to your opinion about Johnson.

btw - as far as I know, Johnson rejects the label `conservative' - always has.

I think, though, it is more than merely `Person A. calls person B. a fascist... [on the basis of partisan hearsay].'

From what I have seen, Johnson has offered evidence as to the questionable links of the people he has banned.

Also, Johnson cannot `censor' anything.

He can allow or disallow any comments on his blog, just as you can.

In any case, that's my two cents.

maccusgermanis said...

Within his realm of rightful authority -his blog-, Johnson does censor. And others, being banned capriciously can mirror the fast consolidating mockery of him, at various places that his authority does not extend. The banning of Robert Spencer is ridiculous. Past. and Epa. have had plenty to say about "questionable links" without resorting to banning. They have in effect, refrained from Chucking Johnsons. Johnson retreats into over-specialization because he can not defend his censorous behavior.

Dag said...

I hope this is clearly known that the post is not my work but come from the writer noted above the link, Urban Dictionary.

Johnson is being ridiculed for good reason. That's what we do in democracies. We don't cut off people's heads for insulting us or our friends or fellows.

We also allow for others to ridicule us in fair return.

In case of me, please refrain. I'm perfect.

Arwyn said...

Questionable links of the people he has banned?

Commenters or off of his blogroll? Because he didn't "ban" Robert from questionable links, he "banned" Robert because Robert didn't fall in line and take something off of HIS blogroll that Johnson didn't like.

Chuck is crazy on a stick.

Dag said...

This is a long road with many runners, and lots will stay at the back of the pack even if they follow through till whatever end there is to this particular event in our time. Some, Like Johnson, have been at the head of this throng, and one by one, like Johnson, they prove not to have the stamina to continue, veering off in directions the rest of us don't care to follow him in. For myriad reasons, many an even most will fall by the wayside long before we approach anything like resolution. Losers disappear, and others, better suited to the race, emerge. Johnson ha his 15 minutes. He's gone now. Chuck Johnson, and let's keep on moving forward.

Beer and ribs on me when we finally bury jihad! Cheers to all.

Urban Infidel said...

I was a longtime commenter and a contributor of many darned good photo essays. I stopped commenting a few months ago when I just go so busy I didn't have the time to post comments on any sites very much at all. But the LGF threads on creationism weren't exactly up my alley anyway.

Though I haven't been banned [yet], Charles dropped my blog from his blogroll.

Oh well.