Thursday, May 08, 2008

Holy Smoking Fatwahs, Batman, It's a Nakbah!

Yes, dear reader, as soon as the Israelis declared independence, the Muslim world declared a temper tantrum. Both continue to this day. My critical analysis leads me to conclude the Muslim world deserves all the shit we can dump on them, but my self-interested side says take their oil instead and the money they have from us for past extortions.


Iranian president: Israel heading for destruction

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad chooses to mark Israel's 60th Independence Day by warning Zionist regime of its 'impending doom'

"Israel is nothing but a stinking corpse," said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Thursday, speaking with the Iranian news agency IRNA.

Unlike other world leaders who sent Israel their congratulations on its 60th Independence Day, Ahmadinejad chose to convey a radically different message.

"Those who think they can resuscitate the stinking corpse of the Zionist regime on its birthday are sorely mistaken… the very existence of the Zionist entity is questioned. It is heading for destruction.

"Israel has come to its end like the dead rat it became after it was beaten in the (Second) Lebanon War," added Ahmadinejad.,7340,L-3541038,00.html

If Iranians can't or won't get rid of this ranting monkey and his lot, then there's no legitimacy in complaining if others do it instead. And if one gets rich doing so, then I really like it.

Caroline Glick sums it up well enough:

"This plain reality demonstrates that there is only one responsible policy for Israel to follow and for the international community to support if they are truly interested in peace between Israel and the Palestinians. That policy is for Israel to lay waste to Hamas's terror army in Gaza and overthrow its regime. Only when they are forced to pay a real price for their support for terror and jihad - as opposed to being rewarded for it with further Israeli land giveaways - will the Palestinians be forced to reconsider that support. Only when they realize that terror will get them nowhere - as opposed to anywhere they wish - will the Palestinians be forced to accept Israel as an unchanging reality with which they must live in peace."

Happy Nakbah, losers.


Vancouver visitor said...

Hamas was VOTED IN DEMOCRATICALLY. The people of Gaza chose freely and that makes Gaza as a whole liable for Hamas' terrorist activities.

Dag said...

There's not a thing I can do about HAMAS, but there are those who can, and I urge that one do so in the tiniest ways possible, forgetting grand schemes of laying waste to the land and its people.

I have no sympathy for any Muslim who isn't actively engaged in destroying the terror that is the nature of the Palestinians and their allies and mentors. They too are guilty. And like the rest, I would do to them tiny things.

Findalis said...

After 2006 the Israelis began an extensive training program. The IDF that Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran will now face is better trained, better equipped and better able to face the challenges that they will throw at them. Hamas and Hezbollah might wish that they never started anything if Israeli patience would ever end. The death toll will be enormous, regardless of what the world or UN would say. Israel has a duty to protect its own people.

Like the site.

Dag said...

I know the training and the gear will make a difference in the war coming; But I have also seen war in which the training and the gear was so primitive I couldn't believe grown men would fight with it against a modern army. They did, and they won.

I put it this way: that men will fight to win or they won't, and the gear makes little difference if the men are not good enough. Were the positions reversed today, Israel would beat the Muslims still. But even with the best of all possible world's in gear, Israel could just as easily lose this time out if the men are not prepared to win.

I think this too: that it's not simply up to Israelis to fight the coming war alone. I don't mean villagers carrying torches to the nearest Muslim outpost or to the closest mosque; I mean to make war in small ways against our common enemy. We can effectively make war on the jihadis daily and never once break our own laws in doing so. We have dreadfully effective weapons at our disposal, and not a thing illegal in any of it. We can beat the jihadis entirely with weapons so primitve they'd make the average Palestinian jihadi laugh till he stopped because he was beaten.

It depends on what kind of men we are.