Friday, May 02, 2008

Committee to Defenestrate Red Ken Happy but not Elated.

It's good enough.

Boris wins London Mayor battle

14 minutes ago

Boris Johnson has been elected Mayor of London, capping a catastrophic day for Labour in the local elections.

The Conservative candidate seized City Hall from Labour's two-term incumbent Ken Livingstone with Liberal Democrat Brian Paddick in third place.

Mr Johnson polled 1,168,738 votes to Mr Livingstone's 1,028,966



Dag said...

As president and sole member of the Committee to Defenestrate Red Ken, Trotskyite p.o.s. ex-mayor of London, I can say I am pleased he's thrown out of office, though I would have been really happy if he'd been thrown out the window out of office.

As is, HUURAH!

CGW said...

Count me in as another (#2) member. There are many other members to be found at Jihad watch, from what I read.

CGW said...

Sorry, Jihad Watch commenters - NOT Robert Spencer nor Hugh Fitzgerald.

Just wanted to make that clear.

The posters are rabid against "Red Ken", especially about his muslim ties and sympathies.

Dag said...

I'm sure Spencer and his alter-ego Hugh are quietly pleased to see the rd now under the bed rather than in the seat of power. I would have been very happy had the London voters tossed Red Ken out of the window, but out of office is OK for now.

Cordially, D. Walker, president of the Committee to Defenestrate Red Ken.

Oh, I like the way that look. I'm thinking of getting a uniform with some ribbons and maybe a couple of medals to pin on. It won't go to my head, I promise, being a man of the people and all.

Yuk. Yuk. Ha. Snigger.