Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another Socialist Failure to blame on Capitalism.

A Dutch organization which helps drug addicts sent a number of such people of Surinam origin, with tax payers' money, to that country for a one-year experimental therapeutic program in the Surinam jungle [has ceased that operation]. The idea of this program is that these people [Surinamese] should return to their roots in order to cure their trauma of slavery [abolished 1863.] The organization of the project was a total failure and, after a few weeks, the addicts had to return to the Netherlands as they had no money for food. Among the members of the supervisory board of the foundation "Survival" which organized this project are former Liberal Party leader Hans Dijkstal and the former parliamentarian of the Green Left Party Tara Singh Varma who, in the past, had claimed falsely that she was suffering from a terminal illness.

Stupidity isn't terminal, they told her, but she didn't get it. It ain't her fault, man.



truepeers said...

Dang, another great idea scuppered by overlooking a tiny detail like food money.

Vancouver visitor said...

It's a pity that the Dutch "slave masters" were competent enough to repatriate the "traumatized slaves". On second thought, why would the "traumatized slaves" go back to their "slave masters" for further "traumatization"? Closet masochists, perhaps?

That Tara Singh Vama creature reminds one of Vancouver's very own Sunera Thobani and America's Cynthia McKinney. All birds of a feather spouting neurotic nonsense while parasitically drawing underserved salaries from their publicly-funded sinecures. I want a gig like that, too. Maybe I should learn a few tricks from that phony Indian, Ward Churchill.

Dag said...

This story is both tragic and laughable. The worst of it is that such "political leaders" get elected by vast numbers of ordinary people. What are THEY thinking?!

When I give my money to someone to do a job on my behalf, i.e. my taxes to politicians, I expect some kind of reasonable job from them. OK, I lied, but I mean theoretically. Still, I don't expect outright inanity from them. Criminal pettiness; yes, but outright stupidities? Not a chance. So what is going on? How can people who have to give away their money do so with such complete disregard for what they get for it?

CGW said...

We do it all the timei n the US. It's called "pork-barrel projects".

Dag said...

Yes, there are too many outrages in American politics to ignore. Someone,somewhere, pays for federal pork given to state voters. And someone, somewhere pays for city pork paid for by state taxpayers, ands so on. But Europeans pulling this kind of outrage wouldn't even stand a chance with Huey Long.

I can't even blame this on pot-smokers: they'd never be so stoned that they'd put up with something this outrageous. It must come form a deep-seated hatred of reality, an urge to offend against any Human decency. I don't know what it is, of course, I just hurl abuse in my frustration. It's maddening, so I get mad.

I understand such is not positive, and that positive is the only salvation we will find in this madness. So I sit and I think and i try to come up with something counteractive and possible. At this time I'm lead to think that one needs a universal theory of epistemology, which Truepeers and I are debating. If nothing else, I come away from that being less Dagmatic in my thinking. All of us might be better off as less so,ut we must think this through and come to power in the state. We simply cannot allow the buffonery to continue. People die from this kind of madness. That's why I call them Death Hippies.

But so far no epiphany.

Vancouver visitor said...

Here is another one: Priya Venkatesan. So that makes three South Asians out of five. Do they have a thing for this sort of neurosis?

Dag said...

I checked that out in a hurry and I'm going to send it around as much as I can. What a funny and cruel piece. There's a reference to Charles Dickens in the last line or so, and I have to wonder just how many students of English Literature these days will have a clue about it, or much of anything else, after walking away with degrees in hand.

I'm going to sit today at some point and read Shelly's "Defense of Poetry." It's been too long.

Thanks for that.