Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our Reading Level

What level? Well, here it's jr. high school. Covenant Zone is high school. Downtown Eastside Enquirer is College at the undergraduate level. Click below for your own amusement.


truepeers said...

That's what you get for "povertarian" and "left dhimmi fascist" :-)

dag said...

Yes, I can see that those things would get me demoted from the academy p.d.q., (pretty damned quick,as we say in Latin,) which I can live with; but the problem is that jr. highschool is grades 7 and 8 where I come from, meaning it's for ages 11 and 12. It doesn't quite seem right to me. So I thought about it, and my conclusion is roughly this:

That at the age of elven or twelve, a child still has the sense not to get run over by cars or mouth idiocies that will have other kids beat them up after school. But! by the time kids tur 18-20 and are sitting in jr. college sociology courses their so stupid in the brains it's all but hopeless for them forever more.

See? It all makes sense. My aim now is to write to kindergaarten students, the real geniuses of our age, those who know more about common sense than our entire intelligentsia: kids know when they're hungry, tired, cold, and cranky. One wouldn't think that wouldn't be a mystery. Oh well.

maccusgermanis said...
College Postgrad

Perhaps, its juvenille of me, being at a Junoir High reading level, but I think that's rather funny.

dag said...

Jane says she'll 'splain it to me later, after she feeds me my pudding for din-dins.

Pastorius said...

What the hell are they grading?

Kafir Canada said...

College Post Grad

That's what I get for too much ancient Greek: incomprehensibility.