Saturday, November 17, 2007

Meat Eating in a Bad-Monkey World

A recent post from our friends at Pedestrian Infidel raises the question of civil war in Europe. Perhaps click on the graphic to see a trend in Europe that at least some and likely many people will find alarming: That Muslims are taking the place of native Europeans. Does it matter? Aren't all Europeans the same, i.e. European? What is the good of so-called nations, mere political fictions only constructed in the mind since 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia, a decidedly upper-class affair in the first place? Aren't we all the same, i.e. the Brotherhood of Man? Isn't objecting to the influx of Muslims from everywhere into Europe a signal that this writer is nothing but a racist and a neo-Nazi?Civil war. Let's think about it a bit. If one group of people have lived in one area for the course of Human history, for example, people living in what we would today roughly call Belgium, if they have lived there forever, in effect, does it mean they have a right to exclude Other people from living among them? And simply based on race, creed, color, and religion? OK, more things like unassimilated antagonism toward those who have some previous settlement to lay claim to, like criminality, like outright violence and ferality, of psychotic culture. But hey, aren't we all one?

I'd left the bank one day in Guatemala City with about $1,000.00 in my pocket, taking my time walking up the hill to 6th and 6th to go for lunch and a sit down. I was lightly armed in a city where many carry automatic weapons as a matter of routine, where nearly everyone, including grandmothers and children, has a machete, and few people seem shy about losing their tempers to the point that those who survive it often have some impressive slash scars. A dangerous place even for a seasoned traveler. So there I am, the street packed with people, and from both sides I'm surrounded by young guys. I can feel the rush as they swarm around me, and then they pass and pull down a big German and strip him of his watch, his wallet, and any sympathy he might have had for the locals. They brought him down like dogs bring down a bull. It was fast and it was brutal and it was the way it is. They didn't come for me, they went for the goofy looking big German ahead of me. Cause I walk like I mean it. And believe me, I mean it. It makes no difference if there are six against me. Still. I'll kill two of them before I'm out. And they know. So I can walk the streets of any nasty Third World shit-hole and not face six guys because they look for the weak, regardless of how big the weakling is. I'm big too, but I'm not the size of the German who went down. I'm big in the attitude, way big, bigger than any German I've ever met, though I don't doubt there are many like me. and there we have it: There are so me men big in this world, men in Europe, men who are as dangerous as I and likely very much moreso. I'm an easygoinglaidbackwestcoastkindo
fguy. Yeah. It's not that many guys couldn't kill me very easily; it's that they can't do it without getting hurt very badly in the doing. It doesn't pay. It pays to go after a weakling. If sometime I'm weak, then they'll come for me and that will be my time. I know. Those who would prey on me know it. They know today is not the day. They go for others whose day it is.

So, what's this? Am I some kind of tough guy? Do I think we are all a bunch of wild animals barely in control of ourselves forever in danger of being eaten by our neighbours? No, I'm no tough guy. I live in foreign nations among foreigners who tolerate me. I get on with most people. I don't care who they are so long as they're Human. Most people are like me in that respect, in getting along with most people and avoiding those who are unbearable. I never go out of my way to pick a fight. But there are some things I do fight for, even if I'm not personally involved. I even get hurt badly over it some times. Sometimes others get badly hurt because I get involved in things not directly of my concern. Last time I saw a guy dangling over the edge of the rooftop held by a guy who threatened to drop him, it was because the dangler had stolen a bottle of whiskey and a camera out of a back pack and the owner wanted his things back. I'll give you a hint, gentle reader: it was a fatal long way down. A bottle of cheap liquor and a camera. Mine is mine, and yours is yours, and his is his to the point my mate was ready and willing to drop a man to his death. Now, imagine taking my mate's nation from him and telling him it's all one world and he's nothing but a racist.

There are those who'll say that no one should threaten to drop a man off a rooftop for stealing some stuff. There are those who argue that there are no nations and that we mustn't stop people form coming and going as they please, especially coming and going to the Western world. Westerners did it to those who now go to the West, but Westerners did it through the force of gunboats not immigration. Fair is fair. We colonized the world, destroyed idyllic lands and peoples, and now that we have contaminated the world with our capitalist mode of production and raped Mother Nature we can't very well say to those we've victimized that they can't come to our lands to do what they can to live as well as possible. WE should give back some of what we stole. We should apologize for the harm we've done. We should welcome Others and learn from them, live among them, share our lives and good with them, especially since we stole most of what we have from them in the first place. We should celebrate our differences!

Except that there are still some of us who walk like big meat-eating monkeys.

Am I some kind of racist? Am I a neo-Nazi? Well, I'm not, but if I were I wouldn't care. I live among strangers and I mostly get on just fine with them. I don't care who they are or what color they are or whatever. But when a nation is invaded, I might go to the defense of those I see as needing my limited ability to help. Maybe I just like it. Maybe I'm not in the right at all in some or even many of the things I involve myself in. Maybe I'm a thug. Maybe thugs don't come for me because they recognize in me themselves. I would guess that to be the case.

What do we have when a nation is overtaken by foreigners? What do we make of Europe being taken over by Muslims? Maybe it's only thugs who care about such things and think it's a good thing to fight those who come and terrorize and kill at random. That might be the true case. I don't advocate fighting Muslims in the streets of European cities. I say leave things like that to the police. Not my business. Not my business till right up to the time when I see that it looks like a good fight for me, when it looks l like my own from whom I've been away so long are in need of my small efforts. When things I like are trampled and things my mates have are stolen, then I think it's time for me to step in and stop what I can stop. But I'm not the police. In some places I don't care because the police are no better than criminals themselves, and I do what I do and watch while others act in their own interests. Drop a thief off a roof? Well, he was drunk and he fell. Twenty bucks out of pocket and others know not to fuck with you. Priceless. Thug? Shrug. But in a legitimate state with a legitimate police force? Right up till the time it ain't. And how do we know?

When there are two claimants to legitimacy in a nation, then we know we must take sides and win or die. To win we must win, not wring our hands and weep bitter tears of emotional depths the likes of which men have never before seen. would we, in doing what our enemies do, be just as bad as them? Yeah, so? What's your point?

Maybe I'm just a fucking thug. Maybe we should negotiate our lives and futures with an influx of Muslims who will in time take over our lands the same way we took over theirs. That would be fair, cosmically so. I wouldn't argue with it. But there's this thing about me... this way I kind of am.... I just kind of walk this way and have this attitude that makes most people move out of the way when I walk down the street. I'm an old guy now. Nothing tough about me. But I got something. And I'm not the only one. There are lots of thugs like me still sitting around waiting for a day to dawn on the world when they'll come out and see the legitimacy of the state is claimed by two equal and opposed forces. Two sets of police. Two sets of citizens. Two sets of big, meat eating monkeys, face to face.

It looks like the weak are coming down like that German. Europe is falling under the claws and the fangs of the wild ones. Do I care? Not much. I'll find my day come-- but not this day. The tired beast of Europe falls to the dogs. Ta ta, arseholes.

In that tired beastly land that is Europe there are still the strong and the hungry, those with a taste for the vivid. Too bad that many are dogs. Euro-dogs, and they smell other dogs to run with. Runnin' with the pack, these dogs. Some Euro-dogs are, unbeknownst to themselves, poodle-dogs. Some are real dogs true and plain. They're dogs and they take down tired beasts and rip 'em. It's what dogs do. The dogs are small, and the dogs avoid the big beasts still in their prime. Run, little dogs. There are other animals in this jungle.

Today there is one legitimate national government in each European state not two opposed. If there's a conflict, if there's too many Mohammeds in Europe and the locals feel pinched? If there are two police forces or if the one turns on the people? Everybody's talking 'cept those that ain't. Maybe I'm a thug. Still, I walk around and mind my own business, living my life, peaceful and happy, no one taking me down. Peaceful. But that's today, and this, regardless of what fancy place I go or what fly-speck shit-hole backwater I find myself in, this world, it's still-- no matter where-- it's a Bad-Monkey World.

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maccusgermanis said...

An uncle of mine used to do collections. On an occasion when his life was threatened, he simply pointed out that he was, "over 65, over 300lbs, and had the life expectancy of a match anyway. Just what the hell did they intend to do with the body?" He collected, and later bought his nephews a big meat eating monkey lunch.

Of course, I wasn't present at the altercation, but I didn't feel the need to argue. Which is rare for me.