Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Phase Change

It's nearing two year that we in Vancouver, Canada have met each week to discuss the nature of jihad and our dhimmi relationship to it within the multi-culti phantasy of our social reality. Nearly two years of talk with intelligent and informed people has had an effect on me that I had no expectation of when we began our meetings. My original intention was to create one group to spread out across the world into a movement of individuals united against fascist Islam and dhimmitude. To that I am more than ever now committed. In seeking to create the groundwork for a universal phase change in attitude toward Islam and dhimmitude and fascist Leftism I find I have undergone a personal phase change.

In this time with the people whom I've discussed the nature of things I have learned many great and important things about myself and life. Unlike my colleagues, I am now more convinced than ever before that we in the Modern world face an implacable enemy in Islam, one that can only be defeated by unrestrained warfare and the eventual if gradual annihilation of Islam as culture. It is time for a path out of the realms of our past evils. It is time for a universal phase change.

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