Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Modernist Revolutionary Army of the Just

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." (1 Corinthians 13:12

Cultural relativism has a specific origin, as we have written of often in detail here. Boaz, Benedict, Meade, et al counter-posed relativism in reaction to Social Darwinism, as a perhaps well-meant or good-intentioned foil against the rip and tear of Modernity's plunging into the defenseless world of primitives. No, Trobriand Islanders could not thwart the designs of Modernity's giants on their hut-steps. Yes, the giants of Industrialisation of the world were brutal and rapacious. In defense of the weak and helpless, the childless anthropologists of the age determined to save the Children of Nature from the evils of the modern world and its cold machines. No, the primitives were not capable of withstanding anything of the modern world, and thus it was wrong to impose upon them any of our Modernity. Yes, they were defenseless, and because of that very reality they had an inner authenticity that had to be respected even by those who were incomparably superior in other aspects. Relativism: that all cultures are of worth even if different; must be respected and left alone to develop organically. The multi-culti Romance of von Herder led quickly to the philobarbarism we see now as the obverse of the reactionary hatred of Modernity: That Nature is good, cities bad; that collective living is good, individualism bad; that organic is good, mechanical bad.Thus, the sentimentalization of the feudal times and the reactionary longing for a return to the Golden Age of the Middle Ages, the Romance vision of happy peasants living in harmony with nature, everything in its place, a harmonious balance struck and maintained. The reactionaries of Romance who fight against our beautiful Modernity have never ceased from 1789 to try in all ways to destroy the world of our Modernity. They engage ever in turning back the times to a time when men were owned as farm animals, kept penned and servile, crushed and churlish, brutal and stupid but colorful and simple. The sentimentalization of the Middle Ages and the reactionary longing for the past is a hatred of freedom of Mankind. The Death Hippie cliches of our time win too many conversants; too many to stand in the middle posing and emoting for they know not what; too many who attach themselves to phantasies of paid povertarianism and the professionalist careerism of the infantalization of the masses. It's all very pretty from a distance, the fairness, the sharing and the caring; but dare not look too closely at the devilish details of life in the pre-Modern world so highly lauded by the Death Hippies who do not live in it. It is a hatred to promote philobarbarism, infantalization, the sentimentalist cult of Romance authenticity. Leave it to the anthropologists who dare strike out into the wilderness and "experience" life as a primitive. Let them emote and theorize thereupon. But do not let the world's people be crushed to death and worse by the evils of life for no other reason that to appeal to the phantasies of well-to-do adventurers who return to their tenure in Modernity"s safe shelters. No, do not let the hippies of Romance indulge their phantasies at the living expense of the world's primitives. Do not fall into the relative comforts of sanctimonious moralisms half-grasped and slippery. No pose. Drop the rose-colored lenses of Romance phantasies and see the life of people as they are. Have some respect for Human life rather than indulging in the creepy exercise of flattery and self-abasement for the sake of late-night cock-tail chatter.

There are those who hate our beautiful Modernity. They point to this or that outrageous insult to Humanness, point at pornography, drug abuse, unrestrained criminality, the moral vacuity of the masses-- as if it matters. The moralistic minders do not care about the details of the Modernist reality; they care only for the phantasies of the imagined perfect past. They will never be satisfied with life as it is, never be pleased with the life of others as others live it. They will forever herd the masses, corralling then, roping them and branding them. The life of the free man will forever be under attack from the Romance fascist. Forever. And it is time we begin to fight back.

There are those who are in their own minds Gnostic seers, those who have a deeper and grander vision of the life of Man than does the man himself. There are those who feel they know better than you how your life should be. And they take power whenever they are able, using it against the man and against Man. These "experts" and moralistic minders, these Manichean haters of the world of the man-made, these are people who are the legitimate enemies of free people and the world of the primitives. Those whose grand visions of the realities of the universe exist only in the confines of their own minds have gathered by stealth and guile too much power in our time and in our lives. These controllers attempt at every turn to return Man to the prior condition of farm animal that he has escaped in the years of our revolutions. Man, who has crossed the threshold of Modernity, is grabbed by the mane and pulled back to the corral of feudalism. The filthy slaughter-house of feudalism is the place in the mind of the Gnostic minder wherein Man shall dwell again. All men turned again to docility and the obeisance due the minders in their infinite wisdom. Dhimmitude.

We who live in the West are Modernists, free of the feudal ties of our forebearers. Our triune revolutions, Industrial, American, and French, have set us free from the bonds of slavery of the mind Mankind has lived from earliest times. Right or wrong, Man is free to think as he will. Modern man does not suffer the heretic's martyrdom. The blessing of our Revolutions is the freedom to be individual in the mind. The collectivists of neo-feudalism will stop that freedom in its tracks, if they are able. Obscurantist Romance will return man to the farm to be moved and slaughtered at whim, unreasoned, unconcerned, and righteous. Man, thinking, says "No." Man thinking says "Fight."

We are Modernists, and our Modernity is a revolution in the existence of Man. Never before our triune revolutions has Man been free to think and act. In our small and shrinking parts of the world, Man is free to live as he will by his own lights. It is a revolution in Human existence. It is a revolution the reactionaries hate and have hated from the beginning. The Romance reactionaries fight to this very day to reinstall privilege and entitlement. Our revolutions are again under threat from the reactionaries, and it is our duty as revolutionaries, those of us who have not abandoned our Revolutionary Ethos, to struggle again to maintain and further our Revolutions. The alternative is slavery.

It is enough today to charge our enemies with the crime of counter-revolution. It is enough-- today-- that we turn them out of their positions of power, perhaps ever so gently. Today.

Tomorrow, if we have not done the right enough today, The Terror.

It is enough today to smash the institutions of terror waging violence against our Revolutions. It is enough today to sit quietly in public as witnesses to the damage done to our Revolutions. It is enough today to write and discuss the threat the enemies of our revolutions pose. If we remain silent and allow today the progress of the reaction to gain, tomorrow we must fight.

The Gnostic minders of Romance fascism flaunt their powers and their estate. They trample the rights of Man. They must be thrown down. They must be toppled. Today it requires only The Word. Tomorrow it will require The Terror.

There are those who will not fight. There are those who will struggle against the freedom of Mankind. There are those who will engage in the war to spread our beautiful Modernity to every corner of our Earth and to every man. But there is no man who will not be affected by the struggles we now find ourselves within. A side not chosen makes everyone an enemy of those who decided the Good. There is no standing room for the relativist. He must lie down and be trod over. Words today will wash over the man who makes no stand. Tomorrow, blood. Phantasies crumble and in their place is seen clearly the all-abiding reality. The sentimentalities of Romance fascists fall to the ground as dust. Bare reality shows that there are those who will froth in a herd, and there are those who will wage Modernist Revolution among the just. There will be two armies. There will be the victorious Modernist Revolutionary Army of the Just. There will be the defeated. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now we know in part; but then shall we know even as also we are known that there cannot be two world together; that one world must come from the struggle to survive; that we cannot see the final outcome but that ours is the duty to prevail, ours the blessing of the war. This I see.

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