Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Filibuster for Universal Modernity (2)

In his book from 1971, The Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsyth writes in passing of Executive Operations, a company known outside the closed world of mercenaries and their dodgy employers only to a handful of journalists and curious folks of some other sort. E.O. provides services for what one might call a niche market but a market that is often more real than most: private security for private businesses and low-rent governments at risk from serious criminal enterprises. In the business of the real world of the living one accepts that there is good and that there is dangerous. It's not a world for the delusional or the sentimental.

This is not a new story, nor is it one likely to go away any time soon or perhaps ever: Executive Outcomes (EO), a private military company (PMC), was founded in apartheid South Africa by Lt-Col. Eeben Barlow in 1989. Controlled by the South Africa-based Strategic Resource Corporation (SRC), EO's role was described by Barlow as offering: "A variety of services to legitimate governments, including infantry training, clandestine warfare, counter-intelligence programs, reconnaissance, escape and evasion, special forces selection and training, and parachuting."

In the archives here one will find numerous pieces on American filibustering and Manifest Destiny, the belief that America was given by God to settlers to expand as far as the oceans and beyond. There are many references to "school teachers with guns," the idea of Modernist filibusters going into the world at large as a project of free enterprise to colonize the world and create an America of of the mind in every place, school teachers living in foreign lands, marrying foreigners, raising children to be American in the world today, backed up with guns. In the face of cultural relativism here there are many posts on the International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War. This blog, my blog, is clear that men and women of the Modern West must go into the world and colonise it all, taking over lands in the same way colonists in early America took the land and moved on the Indians who were here before the Europeans and other world setters came. Life is tough, and it only gets better when Modernists introduce Modernity into lands even against the will of the locals, for whom I have little but contempt. Call me insensitive if you must. I can bear it. Better that than to stand by and excuse the primitivism that passes for culture in our world. So long as parents raise their children to be primitives I will continue to call on school teachers with guns to colonize the world to give children the chance to learn to think for themselves, come of it what may. Yes, I suggest, I exhort men and women to settle in foreign lands, that they raise children to be American in the mind, and that those who would preserve primitivism should be shot if they interfere in the teaching of, for example, germ theory.

Is it a cranky man's daydream? The post below is part one excerpted from Tech Central Station.

Al Qaeda for the Good Guys: The Road to Anti-Qaeda
By Josh Manchester

Stateless warfighting organizations are all the rage these days. From Al Qaeda to Blackwater, they come in all shapes and sizes and pursue all varieties of ends. Consider: Al Qaeda is an organization funded by a Saudi tycoon's heir, and exists to pursue strategies that are wholly outside the realm of policies of any given state. Indeed, it seeks to topple the governments of many states in the Middle East, from which it draws many of its recruits and funding.

The Mahdi Army is a large, subnational Iraqi militia of something on the order of 30,000. It gives loyalty to a Shi'ite cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, whose motives are suspect to say the least. Does he merely desire to defend Shi'ites, or does he wish to seize power in Iraq?

Now shift gears a bit and consider Blackwater, the world's foremost private security company. A recent article in the Weekly Standard described its capabilities:

*A burgeoning logistics operation that can deliver 100- or 200-ton self-contained humanitarian relief response packages faster than the Red Cross.

*A Florida aviation division with 26 different platforms, from helicopter gunships to a massive Boeing 767. The company even has a Zeppelin.

*The country's largest tactical driving track, with multi-surface, multi-elevation positive and negative cambered turns, a skid pad, and a ram pad for drivers learning how to escape ambushes.

*A 20-acre manmade lake with shipping containers that have been mocked up with ship rails and portholes, floating on pontoons, used to teach how to board a hostile ship.

*A K-9 training facility that currently has 80 dog teams deployed around the world. Ever wondered how to rappel down the side of nine stacked shipping containers with a bomb-sniffing German shepherd dog strapped to your chest? Blackwater can teach you.

What's the purpose of this organization? In a nutshell, the Standard article reports that it is "supporting humane democracy around the world."

What is the future of the relationship between states and such stateless warfighting organizations as those mentioned above? Why might states come to rely more and more upon stateless proxies? Here are a few reasons:


Aside from the interests of states, consider the future of private security and stateless warfighting organizations from the perspectives of those organizations themselves. Here are some considerations:


One of the biggest public relations problems for companies such as Blackwater is the recurring taint of being considered a firm full of mercenaries....

The world of stateless warfighting organizations - many of which will become state proxies - is here to stay. It will be fraught with controversy as the issues delineated above seep in and out of the news.

In the part two of this series, I'll look at what an al-Qaeda for the good guys would look like.

Stephen Austin founded the Mexican state of Texas and went on to found the Republic of Texas before it became the American state of Texas. Austin didn't call forth settlers to change the world for the benefit of Mexicans in Texas. He called forth men and women to make money and to live better lives than they lived in Arkansas, for example; and to Texas people went to live and to be alive as individuals. People went to live and to work and to create. Many Mexicans resisted the American settlement of Texas. So what? Today they die trying to go to the America Texicans have made. Take America to the world. Make every place America. And in so doing, not one place will be anything more the same than is New York to Alaska. It takes men and women who want to build for themselves a new life in far away places for personal reasons. It's been done many times before, and it will be done again, in our world at large, in outer space and beyond. There will be those who don't like it. They can stay behind. If they try to prevent it, shoot the bastards.


CGW said...

WWWWD? (What Would William Walker Do?)

Anonymous said...

People went to live and to work and to create. Many Mexicans resisted the American settlement of Texas. So what? Today they die trying to go to the America Texicans have made.

Ironic how the Mexicans took for granted that the continued settlement of people of differing race, culture and religion on their land might lead to the eventual loss of that land. Many of those who went to live and work had no intention of becoming Mexicans, of renouncing their American identities, and yet we expect millions of Mexicans today who cross the border to renounce their Mexican allegiance, to adopt our culture and our laws?? Eeeedeeots!

dag said...

For those who have not yet visited D.T. Devereaux's site, The Study of Revenge, please do so. Derek is the best artist on Earth at this time, probably since van Gogh. And take an illegal immigrant on you tour. You'll all like it.

What would William Walker do? Ah, my great but nearly forgotten relative William conquered Nicaragua a few times, drove out the oligarchs, made the place free for the peasants to live as men and women as Human beings, and tried to turn the whole of Central America in states othe United States of America, doing what Austin did in Texas, what Stockton did in California, what Ben Franklin did in the 13 colonies that became America itself. William Walker is seen as a failure. Too bad. He was a success, being president of Nicaragua for some few years in which the people began to live lives of real promise, only to be abandoned and betrayed by interests who couldn't see the benefits to themselves of a greater America and the benefits of America to the world. We live today with the failure of Walkedr's project, a group of banana republics in which the people live like farm animals, dying of old age by 40, burying their children because they don't even grasp the nature of the benefits of clean drinking water. People ant to come to America, but we should be taking America to them instead. Those who do not, those who prtest against this benefit to Humanity, they are evil, and Walker would have organised a war against them. He would have roused men and women to take over dysfunctional lands and there he would have brought them to promise and decency. We have to change our minds about why we live and about the reason we live with other peeople in this world. We have to start liking people as individuals rather than weeping sentimental tears about "traditional cultures being deestroyed by American imperialism." To that part I say: "Destroy it all." More America. Freedom for everyone.

You, friend, are a potential son of Walker. You could be John, son of Walker. Ion, son of Walker. Jane, daughter of Walker. You could rise up and tell the world: "I am Ivan, son of Walker." You could shout from the rooftAnd as an army of men and women deteremined to settle across the globe in peace and prosperity you could make this world your own and better for all around you. If you value your own life, then you'll want to give others the chance to do the same. Wwe settled America, and we can settle the world. If we like ourselves and if we like other people we wil want to settle everywhere and be happy in the midst of the whole. William Walker did something we should all love and admire. We should do what he did.

truepeers said...

Roger Scruton: This resentment of the modern world is nothing new. It is present in most of European and American modernist literature and in much radical politics. It inevitably has America in its sights, promoting the false but seductive illusion that America is the corrupt version of a lifestyle which in some purer form could offer hope for the future. We should not, however, forget that everything for which people struggle in the modern world is obtainable in a simpler way and is more widely distributed in America. This country provides an image of material success and open opportunities that has no parallel. America does not display in some corrupt form the successes that elsewhere are achieved in a firstborn innocence. It displays those successes as they really are, it believes in them without shame, and is happy at their achievement. America is what all of us are working for: when, therefore, we look at this country with hatred this happens because it is holding up a mirror to us. The face that we see in that mirror is a face that we cordially despise.

dag said...

Some people, and sometimes I'm one of them, confuse Modernity with shopping malls and pornography and social engineering. In my moments of clarity I see American democracy and free entereprise as the heights of Modernity, of people free to live their own lives without fear of government or unrestrained tyrannts coming to steal, rape, and murder with impunity, which is usually the case iin the primitive lands I've been in. America lives by the rule of rational law, everyone subject to the same without recourse to privilege and entitlement. No, it's not perefect, as we see with Edward Kennedy and O.J. Simpson. But it's those exceptioins that prove the rule. I'd impose and enforce the rule of Rational law on the whole damned world whether people like it or not. That's what the police are for in a democracy. Poliice enforcing rational laws are not murderers, they are the police, defenders of the polity. When the state is too bloated and sated and timid to move on in the world, then it's time for men and women like the pilgirms and settlers of America to move in advance and await the Andrew Jacksons of order and law to catch up to them. It's people who care about their own lives who will make these moves, not those who care about the lives of the "masses." Texas and California were settled by men and women who wanted to live, not to be babysat by fools. And what great things those pioneers did, so great that the whole of the world wants to come, if not to live and prosper then to kill and destroy because they cannot compete.

Go west, young man, and everywhere, and be happy and free. The world of people is so good when people have a chance to like you. it's only bad when ordinary people are tormented to madness and driven to insanity by the resentful and the primitive that things go so wrong. Most people are OK, and they deserve a cahngce to like us. They do, for the most part, when they meet us. We should go to them and let them live ordinary lives of mediocrity, boring lives of work and saving and childraising and tending to the small details of personal life. It's the grand stuff that makes things bad, the glory of the past, the worship of heroes, the strong man in charge leading the people to perfection. God help us, people are just fine when they have their own concerns to tend to without interference, and it is Modernity that allows for that.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of Blackwater was not stated as "supporting humane democracy" by The Weekly Standard. That's what Blackwater says about themselves. Big difference.

dag said...

one of my favourite writers, Thomas Sowell, writes a great deal about intentions, and he concludes that intentions mean very little to the conservative and a great deal to the Leftist, if not nothing to the former and everything to the former. Theree's an excellent chance you did not recieve a copy of Sowell's book, Vision of the Annointed. It's worth a read through if you are one of those who cares to live a life of honest enquiry, which most people aren't. I wouldn't reccomend it if I felt it wouldn't impress the general reader. Sowell discusses in detail a response to your implied criticism. If you wish to go into further detail with it I might find the energy to do so as well.

Some years ago now, though it doesn't seem so long ago to me, I talked with an exciled Stasi official who became disgusted by my seeming naivte and claimed he didn't arrest people for having "bourgeois tendencies" but that he arrested them for breaking the law. Because he was a good citizen, a law-abiding person and basic conformist, he spent his life when I knew him resigned to living in fear of assassination. He'd terrorised a nation with his gang of legalistic minded thugs, and now that the situation had changed he found he couldn't simply dismiss the acts of the past and rejoin Humanity as a conformist to the new. There is a price to pay for ones actions, even when the intentions are more or less likely innocent.A responsible life of an individual requires some critical thought and a certain amount of what most of us would consider normal moral inquiry. My Stasi companion missed out on those aspects of life and was then hunted and is possibly long gone from this life by now.

So it doesn't matter much what we say about ourselves. The results of our actions tell us and the world what we need to know. If a policeeman is a serial murderer in a slave state then his intentions might well be the same as a policeman in a democracy; but the result seen in the nation is the proof of ones efforts for good or bad; and to ignore ones own experience in favor of ideological fervour or personality quirks that demand conformity to the norm at all price leads one to perditioin, perhaps.

We have to look at the results of the mercenaries working in Africa to see if the result of security is better than the result of so-called 'freedom fighters' on the opposite side. We might well approve of the high moral ground of the Stasi and still seee a nightmare world of fear and moral terrorism in the flesh. The books they quote, the lines they recite, the poetry they write, nonee of that matters much if we stumble over the bodies of those who pave the way to utopia for the sake of ideals.

No, I'm not big on contingent morality. I see morality as universal and perfect, though at this time undiscovered. Such is the joy of life, to find the moral of the story through elenchus and aporia. Meanwhile, says me, shoot those who commit the worst crimes against normalcy and basic Human freedom. Am I different from my Stasis companion? Nevermind what Ii say about myself. Look at the result of my life compared to his. Look at the result of the former South Africa compared to the current. No, race segregation is not good; but the result of it then could well have been ameliorated by reason rather than wiped out and replaced by chaos and the murder of innocents as is the case today. The same holds true of the palestinians, those poor fools who are driven to frenzies of murder and suicide to gratify the moral nihilism of the Modernist Left. I won't argue for who is right and who is wrong.I wil say that we can and must look at who provides better for the lives of Humanity, Rational Modernity or Islam and Left dhimmi fascism. And forget the newspaper accounts. Live with Palestinians in Israel and see for yourself. Then, if you find the Imams corrupt, the nature of islam fascistic from the start, the hatreds of the neo-feudalist Left unreconstructed from 89, then look at the result and ask why it is so and whether you too might take up a gun as a school teacher with a mission to teach children the possibility of free enquiry in a land of hygeine and health. What works, regardless of who says this or that? Fiund that part out regardless of th party platforms, and then meet me on the field, guns in hand.