Thursday, December 14, 2006

Derek: Mother of all Cartoonists

I was looking for something to go with Derek's graphic, [ http://thestudyofrevenge .] This review seems appropriate.

" Londonistan" (Encounter Books), by London Daily Mail columnist Melanie Philips, is an eloquent warning of the dangers of "multicultural paralysis" and appeasing what Philips calls "clerical fascism." She sees Islamist demands for special cultural privileges as a threat to British democracy and documents the rise of anti-Semitism.


mahdihotline said...

Brilliant cartoon. Wish I'd done it myself!

Always On Watch Two said...

The cult of death combined with the demographics time bomb.

Pessimistic and realistic at the same time.

dag said...

I'm really pleased that I'm the one who "discovered" DT a year ago. He's not only a great artist in painting and scultpture, he is smart like crazy, witty and urbane and charming and straightforward and an all round great guy.

Please drop in at Thee Study of Revenge to see his other work, link above.

AOW: "Two"?