Friday, June 23, 2006

Running to the Dhimmi Meet

New Dem Strategy: Everyone Cuts And Runs
By Red Square
6/23/2006, 3:05 pm

Encouraged by the media success of their "Bring the troops home before the job is done" campaign, Democrat leadership decided to expand this strategy to other groups of society. The new "Cut and Run For America" campaign to send everybody home before the job is done will first be tested on government employees - teachers, doctors, police, firefighters - and later cover the rest of the population. "Americans need to stop trying," explained the new compassionate strategy Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV). "We deeply believe that most people in this country would like to stay low, stop thinking, stop fending for themselves, and just live off government handouts."

"To cut and run is every American's right, entitlement, and a patriotic duty," demanded Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), adding that this plan is likely to become a central issue in the upcoming November elections. "If we grant every American the right to walk away from any task without completing it, they'll all vote for us. I would!"

A policeman's testimonal:

I was fully in support of writing parking tickets - but we didn't finish that job. Instead we are fighting street crime, which is insane. Our government has placed the police in a situation where they can't possibly know who the criminal is. If we really want to bring to justice those who are guilty of crimes, how about charging those who endangered our police by sending them to unsafe neighborhoods?

From a fireman:

We sleep and play cards all day, the perks are awesome too - this could be a dream job if it weren't for the fires. Those fires are plain dangerous - the government should've done something about them long time ago. That's why I'm voting Democrat.

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We won't run, even if we do cut. We'll be out to protest the hippies and the terrorist suporters Saturday morning at 8.15 at the Waterfront skytrain/seabus station (Cordova and Seymour/Granville). We are aiming to be outside the Orpheum when the delegates arrive for the 9 o'clock opening.

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dag said...

We made it to the hippie hate fest and survived even the tedious platitudes of the worst of them. We'll report on the event as the day progresses.

Some good responses from passers-by. Also we met one young reporter who seems to be intelligent, a shocking thing after having had to endure hours of some of the most clueless moon-bats in the known universe.

Charles will provide a fuller account of our morning and True peers will detail the day at covenantzone.

Please stay tuned.