Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sentimentality and Inevitable Famine

The Western world is unlike that of the rest. The Western world is only a recent invention, less than 500 years old, and in that short span of time we have invented a world so radically different from anything done before, from anything imagined before, that we are akin to a new species of being. We are Homo Modernicus. We are so completely different from our fellows that we are unrecognizable to them as people they have anything in common with. They hate us, and they want to kill us. Those who do not share our Modernity are farm animals, beasts who are not like us at all. They are enraged, they are frenzied. They are suicidal. And we are revolutionaries leaving them further and further behind as we march into freedom of the mind, freedom of the life of privacy as independent Men and Women. Many of our own are enraged by our Modernity too. Many of our own hate us for our revolutionary steps into Modernity. They are, frankly, our enemies. We must recognise our positions, know that we are revolutionaries, understand that we are unlike those of generations past in our own lands, and that we are unlike those of the world's masses today in the farm-animal world of Islam and neo-feudalist fascism. We are different, and we are superior. Our enemies hate us. They kill us when they are able. We must destroy them. We must do so enthusiastically. If we are to win out over the reactionaries of Left dhimmi fascism and fascist Islam, we have to get to like smashing our enemies. We have to see our Modernity as so far superior to the animal life of the Muslim world that we see ourselves as brilliant, as saviours, as supermen, if you will.

The old world of Man as farm animal is still with us, and it is the norm, the whole of history for the past 5,000 years of agricultural settlement. And so what? Such time was gestation for our Modernity. Now it's time to continue our Modern Revolution till it is universal or to give up and abandon our struggle, to return to the fold of farm animals, to the life of slavery of the mind. There is no middle ground. The frantic losers of the race between primitive civilizations and the winners of Modernity is showing such a gap that one will soon need to stand atop Mount Olympus to see both at once. Caveman and spaceman.

The gap between the lives of the West and the lives of Muslims is wide and widening, and there is no return without a violent wrenching that will destroy one side or the other. Let's be honest, even if that pains us. The Muslim world is increasingly insane, not simply by the standards of the casual observer who sees raging mobs glorifying murder and suicide and atrocities but by any objective standard. Primitive people who cannot feed themselves with the resources they have to hand, primitive people who breed without regard for the resources required to sustain the bodies they produce, who wage war against those who provide them with the means and quantity of food they need to survive, people who glorify the deaths of their children, people who exult in the death of others when there is no possible gain in any sense, those people are objectively insane. An example? Look at Pakistanis. The CIA reports of their population figures show that over half of the population is under the age of 18. The average age of a Norwegian is 39 years. The one is raging and enraged by psychotic religiousity, a sentimentalist form of religious fervour, and the other is old and aging. The former is myopic and ignorant and violent, and the latter is passive and self-indulgent and apathetic and moralistic, a sentimentalist form of morality. The latter, though, are armed with not only weapons so vastly superior to the Muslims of Pakistan that the Muslims have no hope of survival in an armed struggle against the Norwegians, the Norwegians have the advantage of rationality. The Norwegians can feed themselves and the Pakistanis both. What if the Norwegians decide they will no longer play the charity game? What if the Norwegians become hyper rational? What if they cut off their aid to the Muslims, starving them to death by simply doing nothing other than allowing nature to correct the mistakes the Pakistanis have made? As Norwegians become more and more affluent and the Pakistanis swell in their numbers even further to the point of absolute immiseration, the inability of anyone to feed them, then who is to blame for the demise of millions in the three weeks it would take the Pakistanis to starve to death? The one is as insane as the other. The gap grows, the Muslims become increasingly violent and frustrated, and the West remains in its sentimental mode, pretending the troubles will pass if only we do a little bit more a little bit faster. And the Islamic bubble expands before our disbelieving eyes. Daily we leave the primitives further behind, and yet we continue to throw scraps over our shoulders to keep away the end at least for just one more day.

The Western world is unlike that of any other. We can feed ourselves. So long as our paternalistic indulgence lasts we can probably feed the rest of the world. But food is not at the heart of the issue. For the Muslim world the issue is not life itself. For all of us in our different ways, the issue is the meaning of life and the purpose of life. It is there that the gap is unbridgeable. The gap between the primitives and the Moderns is greater than any gap between peoples has ever before been. We are rich and they are poor. We are few and they are many. We are old and complacent and they are young and violent. They are feral and we are sentimental. All of us are psychotic. We, though, are rationally psychotic: we choose our delusion; and we can choose to abandon it. We are carrying a bloated and violent aggressive parasite that expands as we feed it, and there is one end only.

Whether we throw off the parasite of the Muslim world and allow them to starve to death in their millions or whether we carry them until we die of exhaustion, the Muslim world will eventually die because they are parasitic on the world of Modernity that they do not have the mental equipment to sustain. There cannot be an Islamic Modernity, and without Modernity there is no hope of feeding the ummah. Meanwhile, we weep salty tears about the Third World Peoples and their terrible sufferings as if we really give a damn. In truth, if we were to admit it to ourselves, we do not and cannot care about them because they are parasitic and violent and repulsive and aggressive. The majority of the Muslim world must die as nature demands of any parasite without sustenance, the question is whether we will die in the West as well.
It is a crime against Humanity to continue to indlulge in our collective phantasy of sentimentality. The longer we allow the insanity of the Muslim world to grow the more victims there will be when we cease our stupidity. When the gap is strained to the breaking point who will survive? Will the Muslim world, incapable now of feeding itself and its continuously expanding populations, starve en bloc? Will we lose our footing on our march to further Modernity and rejoin the world of primitives to die with them?

Our sentimentality is a conscious decision to pretend that our enemies are like us but poorer. In fact, they are nothing at all like us, and we are unlike them and unlike any other people in history: we are Modernists, revolutionaries, progressive, and sentimental. If we abandon our sentimentality and strike at the Muslim world we might save many of them from themselves and our eventual wrath. We might save some of the primitives till they can become Modernists like we are. Or we might fall under their boots, and all of us will return to the ages of darkness it's taken most all of Human history to emerge from. We must think it through carefully and unemotionally. This is no time for sentimentality. This is the time to decide who will live and who will die.

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