Monday, January 16, 2006

Our Soaring Prose

The plan as of so far is to continue on themes we've begun, such as Gnostic fascism, and carry on till it's exhausted, covering the concept of modern gnosticism from the Nazi era and continuing on to our modern time, looking at some of those who shape our time: Blavatsky, Jung, Ileade, Campbell, and Hesse. The point is to show that we in the Modern West are living in a public intellectual nightmare of subliminal gnosticism without defence because we don't know what it means to beliive the things we think we believe. What's so wrong about Herman Hesse? Not anything in himself, but only in his subtext; and that's where we have to dig and look clearly to see why his ideas are a danger to our Modernity-- if we choose to maintain it and sustain it. We'll look at all of those writers and thinkers as time progresses, if it actually does such a thing as progress.

But we're taking a detour recently and for some time to come to look at the concept of sentimentalisation of our culture, a topic we've covered here many times in many ways though not so articulately as is done in the book of essays Faking It. We'll look at the book in detail, and that leads to an examination of ideas from George Orwell. When we cover that in sufficient detail we'll move on to our next theme.

This blog has a limited lifetime, and in that lifetime it's our goal to cover pacifist fascism, a weird and disgusting idea that threatens our lives and our future Modernity as greatly as anything we have ever faced before. That threat is us. It is directly linked to all the themes we've dealt with here so far. It leads to the end of the world.

We will then look at eschatology fascism, the utopianism of fascists. That, though, is not quite the end of this blog. We reserve that for the Satanic figure of J.J. Rousseau.

How much longer this will take is unknown at this time but the time is nearing when all this will come to an end and allow for revision and rethinking and corrections and, one hopes, the discussion of the work as a whole.

We're experiencing some technical difficulties here, and that is slowing down those who might otherwise contribute to the discussion. We're trying to fix whatever these problems are, and we beg your patience till we can solve the problem. It might be that I jsut don't have a clue what to do, and those who work with me here, having other jobs to do than assist me with the technical side of this blog, will not be able to rescue this project after all. In any case, this blog will go inot edit mode as soon as it's complete. We hope you'll be with us till the end.


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