Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sarko en Blog

Bloggers might be lying incompetents with no credibility but that puts them right up there with the MSM if it's true. The weasels in the mainstream media are so full of their supposed self-importance, which even they can't believe in anymore unless they're held hostage by Presbyterian dhimmis and get their pretty faces on TV to see themselves in all their idiot glory, that fewer people every day are even pretending to take them seriously. Politicians lie for a living. We all know that. And more and more people are coming to realise that the MSM lies for a living too. More people all the time now choose to compare the varied works of bloggers to make some sense out of what the world is about. Yes, even politicians are understanding how irrelevant the MSM is becoming. The conformity weasels can find work as department store mannequins when the whole commercial media edifice crashes.

Mon Dieu
, A Media Breakthrough
Presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy is the first to make his pitch in a podcast

Nicolas Sarkozy, the law-and-order Interior Minister who wants to be France's next President, rarely passes up a chance to speak before an audience. So when Loïc Le Meur, one of the country's most widely read bloggers, approached him about doing a podcast interview, the answer was mais oui.

The Dec. 22 interview has created a sensation in the French blogosophere. It has attracted more than 50,000 views on Le Meur's blog, www.loiclemeur.com, and has been picked up by scores of other French blogs. True, that's a small audience compared with the millions that tune in to the nightly TV newscasts. But in France, the Sarkozy podcast -- the first ever by a French political leader -- qualified as a watershed event. Equally startling to the French, Sarkozy and Le Meur broke with customary etiquette by addressing each other with the familiar "tu" rather than "vous" during their meeting. Hundreds of viewers have posted messages on Le Meur's site in recent days, showing that French politicians can no longer ignore the growing importance of nontraditional media (BW -- July 11).

Still, the interview in the Interior Ministry's elegantly appointed drawing room didn't generate any headline news. Le Meur and Sarkozy chatted amiably about the Internet and podcasting, and Sarkozy described how, as head of the ruling Union for a Popular Majority, he has used e-mail appeals to boost party membership. On a more controversial subject, Sarkozy defended his handling of the recent rioting in the suburbs of Paris and other cities. Critics have said that Sarkozy's tough policing methods stirred unrest among minorities and that he spurred more violence when he referred to rioters as "rabble."

Le Meur says some journalists have criticized him for going too easy on Sarkozy. But, he says: "I didn't want to be confrontational. I did this mainly for my own enjoyment and to learn more myself." .... Although he admits he has little expertise in either journalism or politics, Le Meur says many French journalists have lost objectivity in their coverage of Sarkozy. A recent interview with him in the left-wing newspaper Libération, for example, included the question: "Weren't you ashamed of the way you responded to the riots?"

In time more and more bloggers will find themselves subject to politicians begging for interviews because no one bothers with television and newspapers. In fact, if George's secretary calls my secretary I think I can find a few minutes for him next week. Jacques, sorry, mon ami, you're out of luck.

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