Sunday, November 20, 2005

Unarmed Police Constable Shot to Death

It's likely crazed Anglicans on a rampage in Bradford, England: Two police constables, both female, were shot during a robbery, and one is dead. Yup, Anglicans.

The suspects, who have been in the UK for some time, were taken from London to Yorkshire yesterday morning in a high-speed, heavily guarded armed convoy and were interviewed at police stations across West Yorkshire. Forensic science searches also continued at the Universal Express travel agency in Bradford city centre.
Within two minutes of reaching the travel agency on Friday, the women encountered raiders as they left with money deposited by residents for dispatch to families in Pakistan. PC Beshenivsky was killed by a single bullet which penetrated her lightly armoured vest and hit her in the chest

Through the window the robbers — two black, one Asian, all aged in their twenties — spotted the fluorescent yellow jackets. They burst out. Before the officers could respond, a shot rang out. Mrs Beshenivsky was hit in the chest.,,2-1881606,00.html

FIVE Somalis were being questioned by police last night about the murder of a woman police officer in Bradford.

All six suspects are understood to be members of the Somali community who have lived in Britain for a number of years and have links to the Thamesmead area of southeast London. Police have released few details about the suspects in case they are eventually charged.,,2-1881605,00.html

Mohammed Bashir owns a restaurant inside the cordon.

He said: "The restaurant has been closed and we can't go in and my food is there... (the policeman) can't let me go in and set all the foods up."

His colleague Yasin Khan added: "The loss of the officer is sad and as a community we condemn this. Obviously it's affected the businesses and at the weekend we have a lot of trade."

Well, they were still likely Anglicans.


Anonymous said...

So, a cop was killed? Oh dear, how utterly, utterly terrible.....not!!! Who cares? Seriously, who cares if a cop was killed? When was the last time you seen such press coverage when a cop killed a civillian? When the anti terrorist police killed that electrician from Brazil on a London Tude a few months ago what happened? A massive attempt at a cover up! How many innocent people are in jail right now because the police set them up just to clear their unsolved crime figures? What of all those people assualted by thge police? What of that cop caught on speed camera at 156 miles per hour but got let off? Would the average civillian have been let off? Birmingham six, Guildford Four. Ever watched the TV programme Rough Justice?

As soon as one cop gets killed the trigger happy brigade witthin the ranks shout 'Arm the police...arm the police'. How many people do the cops injure each year unnecessarily?

Then there is the question 'What sort of person joins the police force?' What's the phychological thought processes that fill the minds of would be police recruits? I suspect it's a desperate need for power and control over others. Maybe to compensate for some personal deficiency in themselves?

OK, a few may join for altruistic reasons, but these few soon realise that to survive in the police force they need to sing from the same sheet as the rest of the corrupt police and quickly end up becoming the very thing they joined to prevent, i.e. corrupt and unlawful behavious.

Sorry, but one dead cop doesn't even begin to balance out the scales of injustice. I personally wont be losing ny sleep over this woman police officers death. If I wanted to interupt my sleep with thoughts those thoughts would be about all the innocent people whose lives the police have ruined / ended.

I say good night to the one killed police woman and good night to the thousands of innocent people in prison who are awaiting their forthcoming court trials where the evidence given by the police will be corrupt lies.

dag said...

I don't like to interfere here in whatever dialogue develops from the work I put up. I make my main points above, and if I don't do it properly I hope you'll ask me for claification. But I'm not here to censor anyone, those the arsehole above is pushing that to the limit.

As is, that's my opinion, and his or her work stands.

John Sobieski said...

The British gov't. keeps pretending their society has not changed, and the threat of the bobby's stick was all that was needed. Arm them well and get real.

I think anon meant to post that hate drivel as a comment at the The Huffington Post, it would fit right in.