Sunday, October 23, 2005

Modern Agriculture and Left Dhimmi Fascism (4)

The modern world economy does not need billions of labourers. Those people are surplus labour. They are low-level consumers at best, and mostly non-contributory, being refugee, migrants, and criminals. Privatization of land, the introduction of machinery, and rational planting made the tillers and toilers redundant on the land. They were, as we've seen in previous posts, forcibly removed to cities to labour in industry. Industry in the modern West needs labourers to such a small extent that the majority of them are now worse than redundant, they are parasitic. And worse still, many of them are Muslim, antipathetic to labour in the first place for reason of culture, and rooted in a primitive fascist triumphalist poligion. They are legion, they are criminal, they are violent, and they are intoxicated by their new-found feelings of power, power that comes from native indulgence and from the scurrilous exhortations of their fascist poligion's leaders. We in the West, in short, have millions of lazy, violent, and vicious fanatics who kill because they can. Because we will not stop them. Because accommodation is easier. Because many of our own secretly and often openly admire their violence and primitivism. Because of our own perverted moralistic religiousity, a personal attitude wide-spread throughout the West that supplants genuine feeling, something perhaps lost in the move from the land to the city. The modern world does not need billions of subsistence farmers to continue its successes. The primitives are weeds choking the gardens of Modernity. We keep feeding them.

The primitive world of subsistence farming does not need the Modern world. In fact, Modernity is a direct and immediate threat to its existence, economically, but moreso by the backdoor, through the introduction of ideas, of individuality, of personal liberty and personal responsibility, and of the right of others to the same universal rights based on reason rather than on tradition and supposed revelation. To the primitive, the shock of the new is outrageous. It is a visceral gutting of reality, a total destruction of worth and meaning in life. Primitives, in short, have no need of Modernity and every reason to crash aeroplanes into it to destroy it.

Howsbawm continues:

For the old traditional system, inefficient and oppressive as it had been, was also a system of considerable social certainty and, at a most miserable level, of some economic security; not to mention that it was hallowed by custom and tradition.... The legal revolution, from the peasant's point of view, gave nothing but some legal rights, but it took much away.... altogether the introduction of liberalism on the land was like some sort of silent bombardment which shattered the social structure he had always inhabited and left nothing in its place but the rich: a solitude called freedom. Nothing was more natural than that the peasant poor or the entire rural population should resist it as best they could, and nothing was more natural than that it should resist in the name of age-old customary ideas of a stable and just society [ummah], i.e. in the name of church [Islam] and legitimate king [sharia imposing caliphate.] (pp. 193-9.)

We can dismiss these people as worthless, parasitic, and violent. We can wax sentimental over traditional cultures and their authenticity and oneness with Mother Nature. We can pretend there's no problem except for a tiny minority of extremists who don't really understand their own culture, religion, and values as people. We can ignore the obvious problem of a billion violent and intoxicated savages overwhelming our nations' borders. We can pay them jizya to leave us in relative peace and security. Or, we can do as our Left dhimmi fascist fellows do: we can join them in the destruction of Modernity.

Those who do not grasp the depths of the hatred the primitives feel toward our revolutions of Modernity should forthwith go home and haul out the prayer mat. Your grandchildren will be Muslim.

The rest of us must struggle against the reactionary forces of Islam and the Left dhimmi fascism surrounding our islands of Modernity. One might hope we'll at the same time drain the swamps of primitivism and neo-feudalism. It depends not on what we want but only on what we are willing to fight for.

Most of the world is still mired in feudalism and early fascist primitivism though much of the world is coming out of that primitive state, nations such as India, China, and smaller nations in East Asia. They are also under military threat by the Islamic forces of reaction. The whole world, as it marches toward Modernity, is grappling with the forces of fanatical, violent Islamic reaction. Islam is the premier coherent force of organization of choice for the majority of anti-Modernists, and as it spreads we must either confront it or die. Everywheree the choice is between Modernity of whatever sort on the one hand, and of Islamic reaction on the other. There cannot be fanatical primitive fascist anti-Modernity and Modernity in one bowl. The contradiction is so stark that only fools miss it-- deliberately. One cannot piss in the milk without noticing the foul result.

Our Modern era only began 500 years ago, and it reached its critical revolutionary high-point only in 1789 in Europe in socio-political terms, and only in small geographical areas, primarily in urban areas. And today that is still much the case. The vast majority of the world's populations still live in pre-revolutionary times. Yes, even many of our Western citizens live private lives of feudal psychology. Not just the trailer park crowd, but increasingly the intelligentsia.

Our modern populations in the West are increasingly lapsing into Irrationalism as weltanschuung. We are glibly abandoning our own revolutions for primitivism, unconsciously, perhaps, but increasingly.

These four most recent posts on modern agriculture and Left dhimmi fascism are prologue to our up-coming installments on ecology and Left dhimmi fascism. We will continue with this background look at how we arrived at our crippled state of Modernity in the next installment.

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John Sobieski said...

If we survive Islam, what are we to do with billions of unemployable unskilled unwanted people?

I think Africa is the basketcase of all the continents. So many natural riches, so dysfunctional. Islam consumes it from its ocean borders in, like a caterpillar methodically nibbling around on all sides of a leaf until a runt stem is left.