Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sharia Protest Rally

Late news flash:

A reader/writer has posted on the rally in Toronto.

I attended the Toronto rally today and was pleasantly surprised by the turnout - I would guess in the hundreds - perhaps 300-500. I'm not good at crowd estimating. It was mostly middle aged women (about 2/3 women at least) and I would guess the majority would be either NDP or Liberal voters which is a positive sign. If McGuinty's own constituancy is opposed then perhaps he will notice.

Scaramouche (link below) has an excellent summary of the people attending and the speakers. Last year's rally had about 75-100 people with a large contingent of Trotskyites (no kidding). Today's crowd was much larger and very much mainstream even if on the left-liberal side of things.

There were two Mulim protestors that I saw including one young woman (couldn't tell because of the full burka). No kidding - she had a tiny eye slit and everything else was covered. She claimed to be a convert and was Canadian with Polish ancestry - go figure that one out. Nothing like the zeal of a brainwashed convert. Her story sounds plausible as she spoke with an indistinguishable local accent.

I have some photos if there is any way of posting them.

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