Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sharia Hanging Over the West


Do not stand by and allow sharia to come to the West.

The provincial government of Ontario, led by Conservative Party premier Dalton McGuinty is still considering allowance of sharia. If it happens in Ontario it will spread to other provinces in Canada, and from there to other dhimmi nations, and women will be englufed by a savagery they cannot now imagine. Do not let this happen. Demonstrate agaisnst the evil poligion of sharia, a fascist creed that degrades, humiliates, and murders women with impunity and state sanction.

This is not a matter of race, not even a matter of culture or religion: this is a matter of politics. Tell the politicians you will not allow them to sacrifice the rights and lives of women for organized fascist Muslim votes.

Toronto: Queen's Park, Ontario Legislature, (time, 12–2 Pm)

Contact: Homa Arjomand, 416-737-9500

Ottawa: Parliament, (time, 12-2 PM)
Contact: Soheila Bayani (

Vancouver: 800 Hornby (in front of Family Court) downtown
Contact: Zari Asli, 604-727-8986

Victoria: Parliament

Contact: Abass Mohammdadi (

Montreal: devant le complex Guy Favreau Bd Rene Levesque O Montreal

Date: September 8th , time: 12 – 1 PM

organisee par L,Association des Femmes Iraniennes de Montreal

Appuyee par : La Federation des Femmes du Quebec.

Contact: Elahe Machouf,

Waterloo: 100 Rittenhouse Dr. Kitchener (time, 7-9 PM)

Contact: Heidy Schmidt, at 518-291-5480

England: London , Canadian High Commission, 38 Grosvenor Street , ( Bond Street Tube)

Contact: Sohaila Sharifi at 447719111738,

Germany: Dusseldorf In front of Canadian Consulate

Contact: Mina Ahadi, at 4917775692413,

Sweden: Stockholm, In front of Canadian Embassy,

Contact: Mahin Alipour at 0046707777313,

Sweden: Gutenberg: Brunnsparken K1

Contact: Shahla Nori at 0046737262622,

Holland: Canadian Embassy, Sophialaan 7, 2514 JPS-Gravenhage, ( DENHAAG)

Contact: Sorosh Ebrahimi, at 0031-(0) 61324331,

France: Canadian Embassy, 35 avenue Montaigne 75008, Paris

Contact: Michèle Vianès, at 06 10 39 94 87,


Further information on the battle for and against sharia in Canada follows:

September 7 2005

Opposition to sharia-based courts is not fear-mongering
by David Ouellette

On the eve of the international day of protest against the possible introduction of sharia-based courts in Ontario, activists, journalists and politicians have commented at length the pros and cons of faith-based mediation and arbitration as well as the Boyd report in favour of implementing such courts. In this Canadian feud, with the exception of Quebec's unanimous rejection of sharia in the media and politics, the pro-sharia crowd has by and large consisted - not considering the Islamists - of the fair, liberal-minded intelligentsia of this nation.

Canada’s newspaper of record, for instance, the Globe and Mail has characterized opponents to the introduction of sharia in Canada’s legal system with such rancor, one could be forgiven for believing its editorial board actually has a dog in this fight. On August 31, it wrote “the world's anti-Sharia crusaders should take a deep breath and count to 10 -- extreme Islamic law is not coming to central Canada”, a view surprisingly close to the position of the controversial Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) which charges that opponents to sharia are engaged in “fear-mongering”. Of Quebec MP Fatima Houda-Pépin who bravely warned in the province's National Assembly last May that “the application of sharia in Canada is part of the same strategy aiming to isolate the Muslim community in order to submit it to an archaic vision of Islam”, the Globe and Mail said that her statement, again in apparent acquiescence with the CIC, amounted to “fear-mongering, pure and simple”.

It would appear that the editors of the Globe and Mail cannot no be bothered to look at exactly who launched the sharia-based courts project and, most importantly, to which ends.

The media has repeatedly reported that the project was born in 2003 when Syed Mumtaz Ali, a lawyer and President of the Canadian Society of Muslims, created the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice. That's only partially true. What the media persistently fails to report, however, is that Mumtaz Ali has been advocating the implementation of binding sharia courts for a much longer time and that his goals reach far beyond the establishment of a mere Islamic arbitration and mediation process.

In 1995, in an interview posted on the Canadian Society of Muslims website, Mumtaz Ali declared: “Do you want to govern yourself by the personal law of your own religion, or do you prefer governance by secular Canadian family law? If you choose the latter, then you cannot claim that you believe in Islam as a religion and a complete code of actualized life by a Prophet who you believe to be a mercy to all”.

Much has been said about the intimidation that Muslims would face should they refrain from taking their cases to Islamic courts. If truth be said, the intimidation has already begun, as this statement by Mumtaz Ali aptly suggests.

Mumtaz Ali is unambiguous about his objectives. Islam provides a whole set of laws to which he, as all Islamists, expects true Muslims to strictly abide. As to those who prefer to be ruled by Canadian law, they are apostates, a grave accusation employed only by radical Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Mawdudi persuasions. Apostasy, it should be reminded, is punished by death according to the sharia.

It should therefore not surprise that the same man who launched the campaign for Islamic personal and family law in Canada not only believes that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should make room for the punishment of Muslim apostates in Canada, but that failing to do so would be “a flagrant breach of equality rights”. This is what Mumtaz Ali argues in an article entitled The Salman Rushdie Issue: A Synthesis of the Islamic Law of Blasphemy/Apostasy in the Context of Canadian Multiculturalism. Because the preamble to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms acknowledges the “supremacy of god and the rule of law”, writes Mumtaz Ali, it follows that sharia, as divine law, is compatible with the Charter. Moreover, because the Charter commits the country to the preservation of its multicultural heritage, Mumtaz Ali concludes, that the punishment of would-be Muslim apostates should be enshrined as a right of the Muslim community.

As preposterous as Mumtaz Ali’s mental acrobatics to justify Charter-sanctionned penalties for would-be apostates are, it bears recalling that his project of sharia-based courts drew outright laughter at first from Muslims and non Muslims alike. Yet less than 2 years after the creation of the Institute of Islamic Civil Justice, a former Ontario attorney general has recommended the implementation of Islamic courts, a provincial government is seriously considering the project and the Canadian liberal media is advocating it whilst pouring scorn on those who warn Canadians that these courts are but a stepping stone for the edification of an Islamic legal system to be enforced by Canadian law. The Globe and Mail editorial board and assorted blindly liberal multiculturalists can call the sound critique of the sharia-based courts fear-mongering and thumb their collective nose at sharia opponents all they want, but denial will not stop Mumtaz Ali and his ilk from trying to impose legal apartheid on Canadian Muslims and destroy the legal and social fabrics of this nation.

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