Friday, September 23, 2005

Robert Spencer, Public Intellectual

Who is missing from the list of public intellectuals at the link below? Robert Spencer . We urge you to add his name to the list offered in the hope that others who might not know of him will be curious enough to look at his books, consider his blog, and start to know the man himself.

The Prospect/Foreign Policy

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Caroline said...

I went with a write-in for Bat Ye'or, for her work on dhimmitude.

dag said...

We're going to swamp the rest. Good for us. If my choice doesn't win top spot I'm certain yours will.

However, looking at the history of ideas we can find men like Sorel, Feuerbach, and Darre, those who did great things, some bad, and who made it to the tops of lists only to be forgotten by all but a few while those who did great things in their time weren't on any list but the police agent's, and today men like Jabotinski are heroes to many of us.