Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A link to Intro on Citizenship.

The link above announces a speech upcoming on the nature of citizenship.

We find the topic interesting in light of the changes of man's relationship to the state in times of conflict between non-state actors such as pan-state Islamic terrorists and the average state national.

We have argued here that the modern nation state is irrelevant to the concerns of the cosmopolitian Modernist, and that it's against the tribal code of Islam, making the nation state pointless to anyone other than employees at the passport office. And having argued our points, the end result is "So what?" The nation state remains. The question remains: What is man's relationship to the state, and what is the state's relationship to the citizen? The link above introduces the thesis of the lecture upcoming. We think it will be of interest, and if we can find out how to make the computer work we'll provide more coverage.

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