Monday, September 26, 2005


Manoa: I know your friendly minds and--O what noise!
Mercy of Heav'n what hideous noise was that!
Horribly loud unlike the former shout.

Chorus: Noise call you it or universal groan
As if the whole inhabitation perish'd,
Blood, death, and deathful deeds are in that noise,
Ruin, destruction at the utmost point.

Manoa: Of ruin indeed methought I heard the noise,
Oh it continues, they have slain my Son.

Chorus: Thy Son is rather slaying them, that outcry
From slaughter of one foe could not ascend.

John Milton, Sampson Agonistes

Continuing with "English writers on the Middle East," below we have an essay by a cheerleader for the late and unlamented Ayatollah Khomeini. Just for fun we high-lighted some of the more...interesting ideas he expresses. The writer below is no Milton, no writer of a modern-day Areopagitica, and if he had his way, Rushdie, no Milton himself, would be no living.

In our Eisensteinian montage of collision, a style that seems to offend the decoruous view of at least some theology students at Princeton University, we believe we've made all the necessary editorial comment required. Yes, we'll probably burn in Hell for it after we've been appropriately jihadied but such is truly the price of infidelity.

The new McCarthyism in Britain: Actually, Old chap, It is a war on Islam

by Iqbal Siddiqui

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