Monday, September 12, 2005

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Pal.s Rush to Raise New Gaza Flag

In a movement that choked onlookers with true emotion Palestinian victims ran like little grasshoppers to claim bits of metal and nails for their next round of Katusha rockets and car bombs . The poor exploited victims, armed with mere AK 47s, rioted in an orderly fashion, smashing old religious buildings left behind by the evil Zionist Entity, pausing only long enough to avenge themselves on some of Yassir Arafat's relatives and a village full of Arab Christians.

Hamas commander Abu Abu Abu Wazu claimed, as the crowd tore apart a traitor and burned his stinking guts on a make-shift bridge, "Victory is at hand. Now we are so much closer to the evil Zionist Entity that some of our rocket scientist can manage to hit the ground before the Qassam rockets explode."

In the only accident of the day one Hamas fighter burned to death when he fired a mock RPG at a papier mache version of New Jerusalem. The fireworks inside the tube exploded and ripped his arm off. He burned quickly. He is a martyr. Praise Allah!

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mairtin said...

I think the behaviour of the people is just human nature. I am in Ireland and when the Brits left part of this country the IRA blew up every statute the Brits had put up, with the full support of the people. I don't understand the situation there as much as you. But I know here in the north the situation is appalling, with dreadful riots nightly, yet the bombs and gun battles are few now. I understand hatred. I have seen it here between Nationalists (generally catholics) and Unionists (protestants).
Though I find the pictures here of arabs saying "bomb us next" "we are idiots" distasteful, I fell about the place laughing... well I do have a sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work

dag said...

I'd forgotten about this bit of fun I had. I think it's important that we try to keep our senses calm by laughing once in a while, regardless of the horrors.

And we can practice at paintball contests.