Thursday, August 04, 2005

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(Trans. from Norwegian: " I love the government.")

Southerners make better soldiers, writes Norman Mailer in The Naked and the Dead, because they have less to lose and more to gain than Northerners. He writes, too, that when they come for you they won't ask what kind of Jew you are.

Europeans burnt themselves out during the 20th century wars, losing not only huge chunks of their young populations but also losing those who fought, leaving behind the timid and the incapable to carry on till today. Compound that with comfort and the lack of religious belief and Europe really hasn't got any reason to get out of bed unless there's a cheque in the mail. More, there are fewer Europeans today than there would be if they went to bed together as male and female couples rather than as dope-addled misfits, as it were. And finally, they're poisoned in the mind by nihilist pseudo intellectual post-Nazis who've convinced them that everything is ok except discomfort. Europe is laying down in front of the barbarians because Europeans are lazy, frightened, stupid, and half-dead from emotional vacuuity brought on by sumptuousness. They die like dogs, and when they survive they don't even whimper when they're wounded.

Of course not all Europeans are dissicated and degenerate.

Uh, moving right along, we see that the English are reaching new heights in lowness.


- Zafar Khan, chairman of Luton Council of Faiths

Abdul Malik, chairman of Luton Race Advisory Forum

POLICE have been told to take their shoes off and not use sniffer dogs when raiding Muslim homes.

An 18-point guide issued by Bedfordshire Police lists dos and don'ts when dealing with Muslims who are suspected of terrorist or drugs offences.

The guidelines state that 'the Muslim community feels victimised and suspicious of counter terrorist police operations and in the current climate a search at a British Muslim household has the potential to become a critical incident and come under intense scrutiny'.

It then lists 18 points police officers should note.

These include:

• Rapid entry needs to be the last resort and raids into Muslim houses are discouraged for a number of religious dignity reasons.

• Police should seek to avoid looking at unclad Muslim women and allow them an opportunity to dress and cover their heads.

• For reasons of dignity officers should seek to avoid entering occupied bedrooms and bathrooms even before dawn.

• Use of police dogs will be considered serious desecration of the premises and may necessitate extensive cleaning of the house and disposal of household items.

• Advice should be sought before considering the use of cameras and camcorders due to the risk of capturing individuals, especially women, in inappropriate dress.

• Muslim prisoners should be allowed to take additional clothing to the station.

• If people are praying at home officers should stand aside and not disrupt the prayer. They should be allowed the opportunity to finish.

• Officers should not take shoes into the houses, especially in areas that might be kept pure for prayer purposes.

• In the current climate the justification for pre-dawn raids on Muslim houses needs to be clear and transparent.

• Non-Muslims are not allowed to touch holy books, Qurans or religious artefacts without permission. Where possible, Muslim officers in a state of 'Wudhu' (preparation before prayer) should be used for this purpose.

Chairman of Luton Council of Faiths, Zafar Khan, welcomed the guidelines but said the police should deal with all faiths sensitively.

He said: "Guidelines on how to deal and interact with the community in all faiths should be welcomed.

"It's a question of being sensitive and informed and if that makes the policing more effective and more sensitive that has to be a good thing."

Abdul Malik, chairman of Luton Race Advisory Forum, said it had been in discussions with the police about how to raid houses before the London bombing campaign.

He said: "The police need to be sensitive when they are going into the homes of everybody - not just Muslims.

"They should keep respect. Some Hindus and Sikhs have a place or a room devoted to prayer and that should be respected too."

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: "The guidelines are regularly issued to all staff as a reminder of the force protocol when entering a Muslim household.

"We take very seriously the culture surrounding all faiths and feel it is important to respect those beliefs, even while carrying out police business. We would like to reassure all communities that any current or perceived tensions, which might be heightened as a result of recent events, will not
affect how police deal with Muslims or anyone else."

If the English wish to scrape and bow to please gangs of teen-age illiterate peasants on the dole, then what hope does the nation have of surviving even without the threat of an invasion by energetic and vicious thugs? Maybe the Muslims need better educational opportunities.

Lucy Ward
education correspondent
State Schools "Must do Better"
for Muslims
The Guardian
8 June 2004

Islamic academics accuse councils of institutional racism in report that calls for single-sex education and prayer rooms.....

The British state education system is failing to meet the needs of Muslim pupils and parents, according to a report calling for special classes in Islamic subjects, more single-sex education and prayer rooms in secondary schools.

The Muslims on Education policy document, compiled by Muslim academics and educationalists and being launched in the House of Lords tomorrow, argues that Britain's largest minority community should have access to more Muslim state schools and that non-Muslim schools should adapt more fully to the community's needs.

The study claims that institutional racism prevents local authorities approving more Muslim state schools, despite parental demand, and calls for "fast-tracking" of the growing number of independent Muslim schools to speed their move into the state sector . So far, just five Muslim schools have qualified for state funding, though there are more than 80 in the independent sector.

"There are still major Muslim populations within the UK that are not served by any suitable education service, state or privately funded," according to the report, which defends faith-based schooling and rejects suggestions that "mono-cultured" schools damage community cohesion.

The document, published by the Association of Muslim Social Scientists, the education and development campaign FED 2000, the Muslim College UK and the Forum against Islamophobia and Racism (Fair), is billed as the first substantial feedback from Muslim organisations and lobby groups to ministers over education policy.

The authors hope the study, which also acknowledges Muslim parents must reform some "unhelpful attitudes" - including removing their children from school for family visits overseas - will form the basis for a "dialogue" on education between the government and Muslim community.

The wide-ranging proposals include reform of the curriculum to accommodate Muslim needs, recommending compulsory religious education from 14 to 16, a new A-level in Islamic studies and a teacher of Islam in all Muslim-majority state schools for Muslim pupils who withdraw from religious education.

Some state schools should use private Muslim teachers for special classes on Islamic subjects, and all majority Muslim schools should provide a teacher of Islam for students who withdraw from collective worship, the study says.

The report also says state schools should do more to address the needs of Muslim pupils, including organising religious awareness training for staff and governors.

The documents states: "The understanding of non-Muslim teachers towards the sensitivities of Muslim children and their parents has often been criticised. It is not uncommon to find that non-Muslim staff are unaware of even the most basic of these sensitivities, in diet and in dress requirements, for example."

Insensitivities included organising cooking and dancing classes involving Muslim children during Ramadan, or serving Muslim youngsters pork in school dinners. One teacher in a school in Brent, north-west London, declined to address Bengali pupils by their names on the grounds that it would take too much effort to learn them all.

The study also proposes schools should adapt physical education changing facilities, such as communal showers, to comply with privacy codes, and consider prayer rooms for pupils over the age of 10.

It calls for a reversal of the trend towards mixed-sex schooling, saying many parents would prefer their children educated separately at secondary level. There should also be more sophisticated teaching of Muslim culture.

The report, being launched tomorrow by the Muslim Labour peer Lady Uddin, argues strongly for the benefits of faith-based schooling, rejecting claims made in reports on the 2001 riots in Oldham, Bradford and Burnley that polarised schooling contributed to community division.

The study rejects proposals for twinning schools of different cultures, and insists: "Mono-cultured schools are not necessarily insular and ignorant of other cultures. Culturally separate groups, communities and institutions do not have to be causes of social instability."

Or maybe Americans and local European criminals should take over and run the place, block by block, just the way the Muslims do it. Live off the Muslims for a change till they are so bled dry they flee to the wastelands and deserts they came from.

The problem the English will face is that when the law is not only seen to be partial, but once it's seen to be laughable, then there will not be any respect for the law on the part of anyone. The average bobby will be an object of scorn on the laneways and in the backstreets, a pitiful fool to be broken and beaten for sport. No one will turn to him for help or assistence because he will be a wanker the likes of which the Scots could not imagine. The English are not 'nice' people. Their pretense of concern and caring/sharing New-Age fuzziness is frightening. More than likely the English will turn on each other, one class against the next, to scold and bully and buggar each other till the tea runs out. And they'll never make a scene.

If we're not careful Britain will turn to the BNP. It won't take many. It usually takes only a few people, energetic and focussed, to impose their will upon the silent and passive majority. One will likely finds studies of all kinds to back up the opinion that 50 per cent of people will stand by weatching, 25 per cent will be opposed, and 25 per cent will be for. Of those for, few will actually act, roughly 15 per cent, with the other 85 per cent waiting for opportunities and watching for the turning of the tide. In short, whether memory of Eugene Methvin, The Riotmakers is accurate or not the point is that few are needed to make the many very unhappy. And the many will endure it. We must organize and act before the fascistRight acts for us.

There's only one rule: Do unto others before others do unto you.


pedestrian infidel said...

Dag, if the lead parties won't act to recognize and act against the dangers of Islam, the public will be pushed to BNP. Blair is in denial as is the entire Parliament. All these new antiterror measures do little. The demographic monster, Islam's silver bullet, is ignored. An immediate ban of all inbound Muslim immigration would be a start but is politically taboo.

Nick at BNP, in his recent letters, has implied he believes it will take another 10 to 15 years of mismanagement of the Islam problem before they will be swept to power. In his most recent letters, they have added the 'peak oil crisis' and what needs to be done as another platform.

I am not for or against BNP. I am American and just do not know enough other than most English citizens appear to be repulsed by the I am just pointing out that Nick has nailed the Islamic problem, and writes quite intelligently about it, while the other parties are in denial.

Political correctness and multiculturalism is suicide for the Western civilization. As long as the West refuses to recognize themselves as superior to Islam, but it's equal, they are doomed.

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