Wednesday, March 04, 2015

New Book by D.W. Walker coming soon

Yes, folks, Dag's latest book, Snootom, is coming soon. Here's a preview.

It should be available at It is not a book of "Motoons" and it is not a book about Mohammed. It is Snootom, and it is about Demmahom. Relax, censors, no crime committed here.

Meanwhile, here are other books available now.


Dag said...

There is no way this is a book about Mohammed. It is not a book called Motoons. It is not written in English. It is a book about an evil character named Demmmahom. It is called Snootom. It is written in Samizdat, which is often confused with the old Soviet style of writing unofficial, and therefore illegal, literature. No, I am writing in the old Polish language of Samizdat. I am not publishing Motoons. I am publishing cartoons of Demmahom. Big difference, and one that I hope will slip past the censors at the publishing company.

Always On Watch said...

I certainly play to buy a copy!

Dag said...

Coming up with good visuals is tough here. I have to illustrate the life of Demmahom in such a way that I can get past the publisher going stupid over offending those who might attack the corporation, and at the same time I have to illustrate a good story with funny graphics that make some sense and tell a good story. I like it all so far. It's way more work than I expected this simple project to be, however, so it might take a week or so more.