Tuesday, December 09, 2014

New book coming soon-ish

Remember, folks, that you read the news here first.

I'm finishing my book on Rubber Boom architecture in Iquitos, Peru and once that is complete I will turn again to writing a new Jockk Brand novel, this one with the absolutely pithiest title I have ever come up with:

Jockk Brand vs. the Man at the Top of the Stairs and Other Men Hiding in the Shadows in the Garden. 

In my new novel, the western world is in flames as jihadis rampage across the lands of former freedom, and an awe-struck leftist middle-class cheers the destruction of their nihilistic way of life. Self-annihilation is the order of the day for many, but the new president is unmoved by the mass jubilation shown on television and You Tube. He's fighting back, using one of the the most dangerous weapons in his arsenal, Jockk Brand.

But even Jockk Brand must sleep sometimes, and when he does he must then wake up and continue his one-man showdown against world-wide jihad and the grand gesture suicide of self-loathing, moralistic Left fascism. First, Brand has to get out of bed. Not so easy this getting out of bed, as Brand finds when he encounters the Man at the Top of the Stairs and Other Men Hiding in the Shadows in the Garden.

Can Brand save America from the most evil foes of our time? Only if he can first defeat the most oppressive enemy he has ever encountered in a lifetime of murder and mayhem: Jockk Brand himself.

Meanwhile, my first Jockk Brand novel is available at this link.

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