Friday, January 04, 2013

Iquitos, Peru: Just what the "doctore" ordered

The first step in jungle medicine reporting is to lose a shot of a pot of stuff that looks gross. Then you lie about how well the stuff in the pot works on sore and weeping foot wounds. When you've totally wiped out any credibility with the world of normal people and have pissed off a French guy in the hospital you go out and bring the patient an ice cream cone so you don't get tossed out of the small but tight knit expat. community for being a prick. Meanwhile, the doctore cooks a stick of Sangre de Gato on the stove. How it resembles cat's blood is out of my non-professional abilities to decipher. The main thing is that so far the gas cannister hasn't exploded and burnt down the neighbourhood like happened in Belen when three blocks of houses went up in smoke and came down in ashes at Christmas.

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