Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Contribution to the Obama Reelection Campaign

Maybe it´s sunstroke in South America or jungle fever from the Amazon. It coud be altitude sickness in the Andes. Whatever it is, I have become convinced that I must contribute to Obama´s re'election campaign. I have the theme song now to go with the campaign poster. He´s in for sure with this combo, and I want all the credit.

Theme song here. Except that Internet Explorer will not allow me to view my own blog. As usual. Will try to update Radio Head´s ¨Creep¨ later. And don´t forget to vote.

Here's that link. Internet Explorer is crap.


Roman said...

hey dag
how are you these days, almost 4 months since we had our last disscusion in the hostel cadena in sucre. i hope you're fine. we are in mancore (north of peru) and going tomorrow to ecuador. our blog is

cheers the swiss
frann and roman

Dag said...

Hi, Roman and Fran. Good to get a note from you. I have a friend who went to Mancore for sun and fun and living on the beach in a state of ease. Hope it treats you well, too.

I found your company so enjoyable in Sucre, Bolivia that it becomes part of my great feeling about the city to such an extent that I am seriously considering a full time move as an officially registered alien with a real job there. I came to love Bolivia, which was the last thing I expected, and it was all the better because of the two of you making it comfortable and interesting and fun to be in.

I loved Bolivia so much, in fact, that I stayed for an extra month and a half there, prompting the border guards to suggest that I tear out the pages in my passport so I can return, not too helpful given that it's all computerised now, and the maximum stay in country is three months per year. Another official was more practical in his help: when I said I like Bolivia very much and should find a wife he asked for my phone number, saying he knows lots of women....

But I am off again soon, leaving Lima for the north, which might bring us together again if we meet up in Ecuador. Hope so. Till then,

My best,


Lima, Peru.