Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paraguay Links

 [A brief reminder that my book, An Occasional Walker, is available at this link.]

Below are links to posts on Paraguay so far. I haven't had a chance to finish typing, so more will follow, and will include some photos, as I get a better connection and some time to put into the typing.


Michael Crosby said...

Dag, you can regulate who sees what on a Facebook page.

Go to Youtube and type in privacy on Facebook or something like that. I think that's the biggest fear of people not doing FB.

If you do it Dag, I think you'll find that you really like it. I didn't think I would like it, but I'm just starting to have a lot of fun with it.

truepeers said...

What, no part 13?

Dag said...

Part 13 is there somewhere in the body, and I hear that it`s some of the best of the lot.

Michael Crosby said...

Dag, hope you're doing OK. Haven't heard from you in awhile.

I lost a great mentor, don't want anything to happen to you.

Dag said...

Hi, Michael, and thanks for the expression of concern. I am actually doing very well here in Sucre, Bolivia. The internet, on the other hand, is pretty shakey at best. I am only sometimes able to write at all, and then often briefly before the connection dies out.

I have much copy to post on the second half of my time in Paraguay, and then there will be additions to my time in Bolivia, all of this written but not ready for the net.

I will return to La Paz soon, a dangerous bus trip through the high Andes, and from there, assuming I don´t become one of those ¨100 Killed in Bolivian Bus Crash¨ little boxes in the corner of a news page, I will return again to Lima, and then beyond. The journey is not yet half over here. Much to live and write about as time comes and goes. Very happy with my life at this time.

Best to you. Dag. Sucre, Bolivia.