Friday, January 06, 2012

Rusting up in Sucre

I'm having severe troubles in posting from Bolivia. Below are a some shots of a train settling into history in Sucre.


More to come. All aboard.

Facing the future, even though it looks pretty bleak for this train.

Choo-Choo for now.


SHIRE Administrator said...

Dag - Choo choo images and captions are delirious. I told you not to drink the local water - Mike

Dag said...

Sometimes we all need a good long rust, and I found mine in a field in southern Bolivia. Lovely city and great place to let off some steam before my later wander down the track to Tarija and this evening continuing south to Villamontes where the bus goes no further, leaving me to hitch-hike some hundreds of miles to the frontier of el Chaca in Paraguay for a very long trip to Asuncion, reputed to have wood-bruning engins and trains with sleepers. Looking forward to rusting in peace.